Business Accounting for Everyone

Bringing Financial Statements To Life Through Simple Simulations

1-Day Program
Business Finance For Everyone

About the Program

In this one-day learning simulation, the program has the participants form the management team of A&O Inc. – an established company that is facing some tough challenges. The company is losing market share and there are increasing demands from suppliers and customers. A&O Inc. needs a new, disciplined financial strategy.

Teams of 4 learn how to complete the financial statements, monitor cash flow, make resource utilization improvements, and evaluate results in the balance sheet and income statement.

Participants explore the cause-and-effect relationships that govern a company’s financial statements – and develop a financial appreciation and an intrinsic business sense that will govern their future decisions in every day work.

More than ever before, business professionals and leaders require a sound financial base, a strong understanding of financial risks, opportunities, challenges & rewards and keen business acumen. This program provides those skills and competencies

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Read and interpret financial statements
  • Identify critical elements affecting profitability, cash flow and growth
  • Analyze financial ratios and key performance indicators
  • Determine the ROI of investments and initiatives
  • Make decisions and establish priorities according to financial value
  • Discuss financial issues and requirements with your colleagues, management, consultants and professionals

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Who should attend

Non-Financial Professionals, Managers and Leaders who are looking to develop or enhance their financial competence, their business acumen and their abilities to make decisions with the financial impact in sight.


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Upcoming Sessions

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    • Nov 17, 2015


$975 CAD (plus applicable taxes)

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Organizational benefits

  • Common vision throughout the organization
  • A shared baseline understanding of financial- and management concepts
  • Understanding how their daily decisions impact the company strategically and financially
  • Continuously identifying improvements in the business operations
  • Understanding of how the business generates profits today, and how it needs to generate profits in the future
  • Simplified communication on key financial initiatives during times of organizational change

Personal benefits

  • Learning basic business finance language and the logic of business – “how it works”
  • Identifying improvements in their business processes
  • Knowing how their business generates profits today and how it will need to generate profits in the future
  • Understanding the meaning of working capital and how the efficient use of assets affects the profitability
  • Gaining a better appreciation of the issues that arise when dealing with growth, change, opportunities or threats
  • Learning how small changes in operations such as enhancing the information flow, improving purchase efficiency and engaging people can significantly alter outcome and improve bottom line results
  • Understanding the meaning and leverage effects of value and business drivers

Program content

The Program covers the following curriculum:

    • Business Finance
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Balance sheet
    • Profit and loss statements
    • Cash flow
    • Working capital
    • Value drivers
    • Economy of scale
    • Just in time, Lean, Supply chain
    • Value added services
    • Operations efficiency
    • Continuous improvements

Session Leaders

  • PaulMangotich

    Mr. Paul Mangotich - Vice President, Business Development, Maden Training Systems

    Paul Mangotich 
has facilitated Learning Programs and Developmental Activities in more than 30 countries with groups at all levels, from Front Line Managers to Board Members. Paul has worked with global companies in delivering learning programs on Strategy, Business Acumen, Financial Understanding, Competitiveness, Operational Efficiency and Business Development. Paul consults widely for many organizations including Capgemini, SUNCOR, CAE, RONA, Farm Credit Canada, Microsoft, Centerra Gold…working closely with senior executives. His company is the Canadian distributor for CELEMI, the world leader in developmental Learning Simulations, with more than 3,000,000 participants having attended the simulations.