Student Spotlight 2018

Zain Safdar, BCom'18
profile from 2018

Zain Safdar

Hometown: Peterborough, Ont.

Why I went to business school: I wanted to pursue a degree where I would be working on skills that could easily be transferable to a job setting, such as presentation skills and quantitative analysis.

One thing I learned at Smith I’ll never forget is that although industries have become more data-centric and analytic-driven, people are still at the core of businesses. That is why individuals who have high EQ (emotional intelligence) will help organizations flourish.

A professor who inspired me: Professor Jim Hamilton. He inspired me with his charismatic lecture style and his willingness to discuss unorthodox real-life scenarios that may arise and best practices to address them.

One thing that really challenged me at Smith: The entire job acquisition process, especially being able to handle the adversity and rejection this process entails.

Favorite business book is: Young Money by Kevin Roose

Best advice to future students: Remain resilient. In your university career, you will experience adversity inside the classroom, professionally, and in your personal life. But it is the lessons learned from these hardships that will help you grow as a person.

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