In and out of hot water 2016

Dave Jackson, BCom'91
profile from 2016

Dave Jackson

On the advice of his father, Dave Jackson elected not to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams directly out of university, instead spending several years at Proctor & Gamble, learning as much as he could by working on several different accounts. Soon, though, the entrepreneurial itch was back, and Dave bought into Hydropool, a Missasauga-based hot tub manufacturing company. Although he originally took a 50 per cent pay cut, Dave's hard work and perseverance quickly took Hydropool's success to new heights, growing the company's presence in Europe and increasing the company from 13 to 200 employees, which allowed Hydropool to weather the 2008 recession better than others.

In 2016, Dave was looking forward to returning to Queen's for Homecoming. “Our daughter Madeline will have just started her first year in Commerce,” said Dave proudly. “I’m sure that seeing her at Queen’s will feel a bit like I’ve come full circle.”

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