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Spring 2023

Spring 2023


Coming to Canada
Almost one in four people in Canada are immigrants. Gayathri Shukla, EMBA’19, reflects on what it means to be a newcomer through her story and that of others
Building ways to be there
How founder Eric Windeler, BCom’82, LLD’15, turned tragedy into a transformative force for youth mental health
10 experts for 10 years of analytics and AI
It's a big data world. Someone has to make sense of it all


Seven mountains
Reaching the highest peak on every continent is a dream for many climbers. Only a few have managed to do it
Power player
Magali Harvey, MBA’23, is a rugby star who has learned to lead on and off the pitch
Meet the money expert
Lesley-Anne Scorgie, AMBA’12, knows the secret to getting rich—and is happy to share it
Phil Connell with Cloris Leachman, who starred in Jump, Darling, a film that he wrote and directed
Phil Connell, BCom’01, switched careers to pursue his passion for movies. His first film starred a Hollywood legend in her final leading role
Getting together
An interview with the president of the Smith Alumni Analytics & AI Chapter
Welcome home!
Smith alumni celebrated Homecoming 2022

My Other CV

Steven MacKinnon, EMBA’98
The Liberal MP and chief government whip answers our questions


Can service be too friendly?
Customers don’t always want to become pals with brands
Sounds of the CEO
Executives say a lot on corporate earnings calls. But how they say it can reveal much more
Can investing drive social impact?
Professor Wenjue Knutsen explains what happens when private capital does public good. And expects a return
Computer error
Many non-profit agencies lack proper systems for the digital age. Charles Buchanan, MBA’92, has ideas to change that