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Spring 2022

Spring 2022


Adventures in Advertising
Jill Nykoliation, BCom’93, left a promising corporate career to work in advertising. Now she runs one of Canada’s best (and most creative) ad agencies.
Closing the funding gap
Black, Indigenous and other diverse entrepreneurs often have a hard time getting their businesses funded. A new movement hopes to change that, with several Smith alumni leading the way.
Why you should provoke the future
Steve Goldbach, BCom’96, bestselling author of Provoke, on why caution is no longer the best strategy for business leaders. In other words: Do something!


Musical journey
Naanak Sodhi, MBA’21, is engineering a career in song.
Empowering working moms  in Africa
Sahar Jamal, BCom'11, Artsci'11, is looking to make a difference in Kenya and beyond.
The joy of gift baskets
Robin Kovitz, BCom’02, understands the magic of receiving a gift basket. She built her business on it.
Once upon a time
Ever wanted to write a children’s book? Meet three grads who have.
The Wright Way
Jay Wright, BCom’81, on the wine industry, business schools and his new role at Smith.

My Other CV

Carolyn Rogers, EMBA’02
The senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada answers our questions.


Solving the second shift problem
Female entrepreneurs in developing countries often struggle to balance their work and home life. A Smith professor looks for answers.
The gentle art of persuasion
People tend to over-argue when trying to make a point. To convince someone, less is usually more, says Niro Sivanathan.
Is it time for a four-day workweek?
Research shows that a shorter workweek is good for employees and productivity.
Should you know what your co-workers earn?
A conversation with Professor Pierre Chaigneau reveals the upside and downside of pay transparency.
How to master meetings
Communications expert Michelle Gropp, MIB’13, on why you should love meetings.