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"Just Give'r" COMM'06's rallying cry galvanized a class

Jack Weisz
"Just Give'r" COMM'06's rallying cry galvanized a class

QSB Magazine’s last issue was a celebration of the School’s 90-year history. Alumni representing each of the decades from the 1930s to the present shared stories of their class’s experience. We were so pleased with these Class Flashbacks that we put out a call for alumni to nominate their class for a future profile. Jack Weisz and Krista Hapke responded with an enthusiastic proposal to highlight the Commerce Class of 2006.

This is their story. Want to see your class represented in a future issue? Email editor Shelley Pleiter with your proposal.

No one knows who started it, but “Just Give’r” became the mantra of the Commerce Class of 2006. The cult film FUBAR was the likely source of the catch-phrase that defines as “going all out to take care of business as quickly and awesomely as possible.” Maybe it’s a chicken-and-egg argument: did we adopt the expression because it so perfectly summed up our energy, enthusiasm, and ‘go for it’ approach? Or did the expression motivate us to give it that extra effort? Whatever its origin, and however it caught on, the “Just Give’r” approach was applied to virtually every aspect of our QSB experience. From awesome socials to classroom presentations that rocked, from new ComSoc initiatives to our travels throughout the world, our tight-knit class raised the bar.

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