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A world of business

Commerce students can now earn two degrees, and one’s in China.
A world of business

There’s a new option for Commerce students – one that will give them a brand new perspective on international business, not to mention a second undergraduate degree.

In April, Smith announced a partnership with Guanghua School of Management at Peking University in Beijing that will see Commerce students from Smith have a chance to study in China and earn two undergraduate degrees: one from Queen’s University and the other from Peking University.

Up to five Smith Commerce students each year will be selected to take part in Peking University’s “Future Leaders” International Undergraduate Program.

The students will spend two years studying in the Commerce program at Smith in Kingston, then two years at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management in Beijing, starting in fall 2020. They will earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Arts in Management from Peking University. Classes are taught in English.

“This partnership will give Smith students the opportunity to experience first-hand China’s fast-growing and dynamic economy,” said David Saunders, Dean of Smith School of Business. “We are proud to partner with Peking University in our mission to develop outstanding leaders with a global perspective.”

Global network

Through the partnership, Smith becomes a founding member of Peking University’s “Future Leaders” program, alongside 13 other top universities from 13 countries and regions, including schools in Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, Japan and Israel. Smith Commerce students will study with students from these countries while attending classes in China.

Peking University launched the “Future Leaders” program in order to develop global leaders equipped with an intimate understanding of China and who can navigate inter-country exchanges created through China’s Belt and Road Initiative. “The Belt and Road Initiative has injected new significance into globalization, and Peking University wants to give young people from around the world the opportunity to pursue their dreams while simultaneously making a contribution to the field of education,” Peking University President Hao Ping said.

Earning two degrees from two leading universities will give Smith students with international career aspirations an advantage in the marketplace. Students will have a unique opportunity to develop a broad global management perspective and experience truly cross-cultural learning, both from classmates and professors.