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Summer 2019

Summer 2019


Wei Wang
Wei Wang studies corporate bankruptcies and the business of helping firms restructure (most of the time).
mother and child in Canada'a far north
A study in Canada’s Far North led two Smith professors to put a more human face to accounting research.
StartUps Snapshot
Check out these alumni-led ventures: The Gist, Workhaus and VegCheese.


Robert Janson
Robert Janson, MFin’13, went from playing volleyball in Europe to a career in finance. Now he’s teaching Canadians about a different way to invest.
Nick Czuzoj-Shulman
Nick Czuzoj-Shulman, MMA’17, finds that in the new NHL, there’s more to faceoff success than win percentage.
Dr. Carolyn Snider
Carolyn Snider, BCom’96, created a groundbreaking program to lift young people out of violence. Her next goal: better emergency medicine for all.
Travis Ratnam (left) and  Arthur Lui at Knowledgehook's office in Toronto.
With Knowledgehook, Arthur Lui and Travis Ratnam, both MBA’11, are helping teachers (and students) make arithmetic add up.

First Person

Caroline Pollock
Caroline Pollock, MBA'19, on her journey from the military to earning her MBA.