Winter 2009

Winter 2009


Bearing Witness
An insider’s view of the collapse of Bear Stearns
Fees and Leverage
It would be tempting to call for massive re-regulation of the U. S. financial system. That would be a mistake.
QSB alumni on the VANOC Team in their 2010 apparel, from left: Leah Walton, Mary Thomson, Benjy Berger, Chris Gear, Dick Vollet, John McLaughlin (seated) Don Ford, Katrina Galas, Mike Wilkinson (seated) and Shane Holland, with Olympic mascots Quatchi (far left), Sumi (right) and Miga (front).
QSB Grads Vital To Vancouver's 2010 Olympic Dream Team


Mr. Friendly Goes to Washington
In the classic 1939 film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, the title character, portrayed by James Stewart, delivers a passionate speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate to a group of hostile politicians.
The SunChip also rises
It's not every day a snack food brand signs on to help rebuild a city. But SunChips isn't your average snack food. Nor is it being led by your average marketer.

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