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Data Inventory

A one-stop shop for government climate-related data for financial decision-makers

Timely data on climate change is a vital input for those tasked with making sustainable financial decisions. It will allow organizations to better assess climate-related risk, and opportunities for investments in climate solutions. A significant amount of this data is produced and disseminated by federal, provincial, and territorial governments. Still, it has been challenging to access and use these databases since they are spread across several levels of government and numerous government departments.

Now, most of these data sources are available in one place. Environment and Climate Change Canada, Statistics Canada and the Sustainable Finance Action Council’s Data Technical Expert Group have collaborated to develop an inventory of publicly available climate change-related data sources that are held by the Canadian public sector (federal, provincial, and territorial governments) and are potentially relevant to financial decision makers.

This work helped to inform the Sustainable Finance Action Council (SFAC) work by establishing a baseline understanding of the extent to which comprehensive, reliable, and helpful climate change-related data for sustainable finance exists in Canada. The inventory contains 557 datasets across 24 federal, provincial, and territorial departments. It reflects a wide breadth of historical, physical climate data, as well as some data helpful to inform transition risk.

Download Inventory (XLS 451KB)

Note: This document was last updated in December 2023 and is not being further maintained or updated. For questions about the data, please contact the organization responsible for the data source, as specified in the download.