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Shaping the future of sustainable finance

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The Institute for Sustainable Finance is a multi-disciplinary network of research and professional development that brings together academia, the private sector, and government to shape Canada’s innovations in sustainable finance.

Professional Development

Sustainable Investing - Virtual Program

Learn sustainable investing strategies that are transforming finance.

This program will provide the key components and considerations for sustainable investing and ESG assessment, including deeper dives into integrating ESG into securities selection and portfolio management processes, and best practices for stewardship and engagement.

Carbon Pricing: Necessary But Not Sufficient

Carbon prices around the world must rise quickly, and broader policies are needed to meet Paris targets and avoid the most severe costs associated with climate change, an ISF study finds.

Canadian Corporate Performance on GHG Emissions, Disclosures and Target Setting

Taking stock of climate commitment: ISF’s annual study assesses Corporate Canada’s progress on reporting greenhouse gas emissions, and companies’ plans to meet climate targets.

Canada’s Transition & Green Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance

As a Knowledge Partner for the Sustainable Finance Action Council’s taxonomy work, the ISF has created resources for understanding sustainable finance taxonomies and their development, and the importance of a Transition and Green Taxonomy for Canada.

What is Sustainable Finance?

The Canadian Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance defines it as: capital flows, risk management activities, and financial processes that assimilate environmental and social factors as a means of promoting sustainable economic growth and the long-term sustainability of the financial system.

In its simplest form, this means aligning our financial systems and services to promote long-term environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. Learn more about Sustainable Finance through our Primer Series.

Ryan Riordan, Distinguished Professor of Finance at Smith School of Business and director of research at the Institute for Sustainable Finance explains sustainable finance.

February 28, 2024

Canada’s securities regulators must finalize climate-disclosure rules without delay: Janis Sarra in The Globe

"Canada’s failure to act" on climate disclosure regulations "has left companies increasingly vulnerable to litigation risk as they try, on an ad hoc basis, to craft disclosure that meets regulatory and civil liability materiality standards," writes ISF Research Advisory Council Member Dr. Janis Sarra in The Globe and Mail.

February 15, 2024

Reaping the benefits of sustainable agriculture: New CSFN study and Ivey Academy podcast

Agriculture in Canada is closely linked to a natural environment that is under threat from unsustainable practices. Farmers are also facing both the harmful effects of climate change and demands to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions. A systems-level change is required to support farmers in taking on these challenges and reaping the benefits of sustainable agriculture, according to a new study from the Ivey Centre for Building Sustainable Value, supported with a grant from ISF.