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Shaping the future of sustainable finance

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The Institute for Sustainable Finance is a multi-disciplinary network of research and professional development that brings together academia, the private sector, and government to shape Canada’s innovations in sustainable finance.

Our Mandate

The Institute is at the intersection of sustainability and finance. Our Mission is to align mainstream financial markets with Canada’s transition to a prosperous sustainable economy.

Canada's big five banks
donate $5M to ISF

The Institute for Sustainable Finance (ISF) today announced that Canada’s big five banks — TD Bank Group, Scotiabank, CIBC, BMO and RBC — have committed $5 million to support ISF’s mission.

Capital Mobilization Plan

ISF releases a blueprint for Canada's low carbon transition, highlighting the critical changes necessary to secure investments needed to meet Canada's 2030 climate targets.

What is Sustainable Finance?

The Canadian Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance defines it as: capital flows, risk management activities, and financial processes that assimilate environmental and social factors as a means of promoting sustainable economic growth and the long-term sustainability of the financial system.

In its simplest form, this means aligning our financial systems and services to promote long-term environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. Learn more about Sustainable Finance through our Primer Series.

Ryan Riordan, Distinguished Professor of Finance at Smith School of Business and director of research at the Institute for Sustainable Finance explains sustainable finance.


January 21, 2021

Biden plans to fight climate change in a way no US president has before

Joe Biden is preparing to deal with climate change in a way no U.S. president has done before – by mobilizing his entire administration to take on the challenge from every angle in a strategic, integrated way.

December 22, 2020

Canadian companies poor climate risk disclosure threatens to drive investors away

"Canadian investors want consistent and comparable company reporting of climate related risks and opportunities to inform their allocation of investment capital. Yet disclosure continues to be uneven across the country, creating the risk of capital moving to other jurisdictions with more transparent reporting."