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Homecoming 2016

Homecoming 2016

The best-attended Homecoming Brunch in the school’s history attracted more than 500 alumni, representing 21 classes, as well as faculty, staff and guests. Classes from as far back as 1948 returned to campus to reconnect with classmates and reminisce about their time as students. These memories were not so distant for members of the Commerce Class of 2016, who returned for Queen’s inaugural “Reunion-Zero”. 

During the Brunch, gifts totalling $1.76 million were presented to Dean Saunders by 15 classes — a credit to their very successful class-giving campaigns. These funds are being directed to Smith School of Business priorities, including innovative program development and student financial support. 

We were delighted to have Stephen Smith on hand to introduce the recipients of the inaugural Stephen J. R. Smith Chairs, Professors Tina Dacin, Yuri Levin and Steve Salterio. Homecoming also presented the opportunity to acknowledge the new inductees to the Faculty Hall of Fame, Professors Gordon Cassidy, Bob Crandall, Rick Jackson, Carl Lawrence and Ev Smyth.

Homecoming 2017

October 13-15

Come back to Queen’s to celebrate the anniversary of your graduation (years ending in “2” and “7”). Join fellow Smith alumni for our annual Homecoming Brunch at Goodes Hall on Saturday, October 14. Watch your inbox or email for details.


Photos from this year's Homecoming: 

Two men are happy to see each other
Three people chat while standing and holding coffee
Two men stand side by side smiling
A group of alumni take a selfie outdoors
BCom 06 class photo
BCom 11 take a class photo.
BCom 16 take a class photo.
BCom 76 take a class photo
A BCom class leader stands smiling with 2 recipients of the award
BCom 01 takes a picture
A crowd happily watches an event
A young BCom 16 alumni
A BComm 66 grad with others
A group of young alumni smile for the camera
BCom 86 takes a picture
BCom 91 takes a class photo
BCom 96 takes a class photo
Three men stand and chat
MBA 11 takes a class photo
MBA 66 with their families
MBA 76 takes a class photo
MBA 76 takes a clss photo
An MBA 91 grad stands with a baby
MBA 91 takes a class photo
People sitting and embracing
Somen Mondal poses with two other men
Three people talk happily in front of blue and yellow balloons.