2013 Conference Summary - Toward a Canadian Healthcare Strategy

Report — August 19, 2013

More 100 healthcare and business leaders, policymakers, and researchers gathered in Toronto for Toward a Canadian Healthcare Strategy, the first in the three-part Queen’s Health Policy Change Conference Series (QueensHealthPolicyChange.ca). The series takes a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach to considering a framework for a Canadian healthcare strategy. 

Over two days, Canadian leaders from healthcare, business, policy and research interacted with twenty-five speakers from across Canada and six other nations to test the potential elements of a Canadian healthcare strategy. By reflecting on lessons learned from a broad set of international perspectives, as well as the unique nature of the Canadian context, the first conference laid the groundwork for shared action on major healthcare challenges. Consensus on key elements of a Canadian healthcare strategy developed in the conference, mediated by potential barriers to reform, has set the agenda for the second and third conferences, which will address ways to build and manage a healthcare strategy in a multijurisdictional context. 

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