Health Policy Reform in Canada: Bridging Policy and Politics

Report — August 06, 2014

In this paper Don Drummond proposes that the highest-level summary of the deliberations from the June 2013 conference is that the path of health policy reform is clear, but politics impedes progress.

"One can lament the political obstacles, but they are not going to go away. Although the circumstances differ, the problems being encountered by the U.S. Administration over “Obamacare” are going to make any government more likely to shy away from major health reform. So it is best to strategize on how policy and politics can be bridged to move the reform agenda more decisively forward. Removing the first, second, and fourth major obstacles identified above is to a considerable degree beyond the reach of those outside of government and politics. But the third, engaging the public in the conversation, is well within the reach of conference participants and thus should constitute a major component of the strategy to speed up reform in healthcare. Furthermore, those outside of government and politics can play a role in creating the conditions to bolster the political will to act. This is a primary focus of this paper."

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