Summer 2014

Summer 2014


Ken Wong reprises his famous Veg-O-Matic demonstration to illustrate how margins
Scorned within organizations and consumed by misguided goals, modern marketers are suffering a crisis of confidence.
Commerce Society Launches The Queen’s Business Review
What started as a blog has morphed into a slick print magazine showcasing original business writings by QSB’s Commerce students.
Start-Ups Snapshot
As promised in the winter issue, a regular feature on new ventures launched by QSB alumni returns. In response to the original story, several entrepreneurial grads sent submissions about their new ventures, including a social enterprise launched by David Wen, BCom’10.


Nanos by the Numbers
Nik Nanos has his fingers on the pulse of North Americans, gauging their views on a wide range of topics. Canada’s top opinion pollster has made uncannily accurate predictions, especially on election outcomes. Getting to the top of his field was one result he didn’t predict.
Business is Booming — Unfortunately
Saundra Shapiro, EMBA’01, has built a thriving business in Calgary, one that’s about to go national. But her ultimate goal is to close its doors, forever.
Iron Man (Jeff Gallant) and War Machine(Kyle MacDonald) pay a Halloween visit todistribute treats at SickKids. Inset, Jeff, atleft, and Kyle, open the TSX in April.
Jeff Gallant and Kyle MacDonald have joined forces to launch Capitalize for Kids, an investor conference bringing together North America’s savviest investors in support of Toronto’s SickKids hospital.

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