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The Cost of Climate Change Pain

Investing now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions more than pays for itself in reduced physical damages tomorrow.

Training Future Leaders to Thrive

We know that business needs are changing. Dean Wanda Costen explores how business education must advance to meet the evolving expectations of organizations in a social impact world.

Putting AI Ethics into Practice

Most regulators have yet to release formal AI ethics regulations. Here’s how firms can successfully implement their own guidelines.

How Diversity Builds Tough Competitors

Holding managers accountable to reach workforce diversity goals pays off in firm performance. Discover why firms with highly diverse management groups are more active and successful competitors.

Time to Put Geopolitics on the Board Agenda

Canadian companies have for decades benefited from stable global political foundations. But how much longer?

Can "Stay Interviews" Stop the Great Resignation?

Worried about your employees leaving? Why not ask them why they’re staying.

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Why the Cultural Sector Needs a Digital Remake

COVID has laid bare the fragility of creative industries as well as shown the way forward.

Why Big Data Looks Like a Jobs Winner

When small and medium-sized businesses deploy analytics, the economy gets a shot in the arm. But will it have any impact—good or bad—on the labour market?

To Mask or Not to Mask?

Pandemic restrictions are coming down. Now comes the hard part for businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility’s Next Wave is Here

For businesses, doing no harm has turned into doing the right thing. But, big companies mostly avoided publicly weighing in on politics and hot-button issues in the past. Now, silence seems impossible.

The Gender Gap in Severance Deals. And What it Reveals.

Women CEOs negotiate better severance deals than men—for good reason, unfortunately. Female CEOs face a tougher road than male CEOs and they know it.

How Does Shareholder Unrest Affect CEO Careers?

A lot depends on whether investors are upset about a company’s financial results or its poor social impact. As corporate social responsibility (CSR) becomes more and more important, CSR-focused shareholder activism grows as well.

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The Great Expectations Facing Leaders

The pandemic has shown us how modern economies and social systems are tightly coupled, and what happens when one part of the system falters. In the post-pandemic world, leaders must put their stamp on issues beyond the bottom line.

New Ways to Break the Glass Ceiling

We know why the glass ceiling still exists, but not much about how women can break through. Discover why behavioural economics should become a tool for executive recruitment.

Solving the Second Shift Problem in Bangladesh

Holistic training programs can help women entrepreneurs thrive and find balance while juggling life at home and work. Research shows these programs are effective in developing countries. But they could benefit self-employed women the world over too.

How to Avoid Post-Pandemic Employee Turnover

Now is the time for a “new normal” that provides employees with opportunities for respect and empowerment in the workplace. What can employers do? Start with these four steps.