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Michael Hamlin
Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship


My company: EverFlex started in 2021 to help people who want to reach certain fitness goals but don’t have time to create workout plans or cook healthy meals. We want to help you manage your health and fitness easily and conveniently. EverFlex provides the structure, knowledge and training. And you get to see the results. To do this, we monitor several factors that contribute to fitness, including training details, nutrition, sleep habits and body composition. All of these play an integral role in your health. With an integrated tracking system like our Fitness AutoPilot (Beta), you can achieve optimal fitness results quickly and conveniently.

Why I started the company: After 15 years of working in the training industry and experiencing the detrimental effects of the pandemic on socializing and community, I decided to take a leap of faith. We’re creating something that will connect people to their fitness goals—and each other—on multiple levels.

What need is your company trying to meet? We are building a business to make personal training more cost-effective for everybody by connecting the right clients to train together with their own custom programs. This makes it better for the client, the trainer and the business, as they all win from a pricing perspective.

Something I tried that didn’t work: So many things to start. That’s what a startup is all about. We tried different Facebooks ads, Instagram strategies, hiring strategies, etc. All of these failed in one way or another but allowed for a quick pivot into a different strategy.

The most important thing I've learned about starting a business: Grit. To keep going despite feeling like you are on an island. That will likely never disappear but I’m OK with it. This is what the entrepreneurial journey is all about.

Advice I'd give a budding entrepreneur: 1. Keep going. 2. Pivot fast. 3. Know when to do it yourself and when to offload to someone else. That’s vital. You will know based on the feedback you get from the market. 4. Sometimes startup theory isn’t always correct. Old-school business-building has merits in today’s world despite everyone talking about newer strategies. Sometimes you just have to spend money and take risks.

Is there a Smith School of Business connection to your company? All of my MMIE  classmates helped me through so much during our Covid 2021 year. Without their support, I wouldn’t have learned so much and understood how to build something like this.

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