Mark Bolovnev


Our company, Educhain leverages blockchain technology to bring academic credentialing to digital. It enables academic institutions to issue official academic credentials digitally and automate their verification, decreasing costs and improving efficiency. Students are able to request a credential and receive it instantaneously with complete freedom over who to share it with. Employers are able to receive credentials digitally and verify them instantly.

Our ‘aha moment’: The Educhain concept originated out of our own dissatisfaction with current credentialing processes. When applying to scholarships, internships, jobs or academic institutions, we repeatedly ran into the same problems – ordering and mailing paper transcripts all around the world. We saw a significant opportunity to leverage technology to create value for institutions, students and employers through digital credentials.

The most important thing I’ve learned about starting a business: Building and maintaining close relationships with your customers is the key to success.

Advice I’d give a budding entrepreneur: Executing on new ideas is all about people, so choose your team well.

A Queen’s or Smith connection? Queen's University and Smith School of Business have been instrumental in our development, advising and guiding Educhain from very early on, from both technical and business aspects.

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