Summer 2013


What does psychology have to say about the sometimes puzzling and less-than-rational decisions made by investors? Professor Fatma Sonmez's research in behavioural finance is shedding light on the issue.
Daniel Tisch, EMBA’96, BA’88, is President of Argyle Communications. He shares his insights on how communication is changing the world, and changing expectations for managers everywhere.
The Queen's Entrepreneurs' Competition Celebrates 25 Years


Geoff Flood, MBA'79, leads a team of technology and creative professionals who embrace their inner geek in delivering solutions for their customers. Attracting and retaining the best people is what sets this company apart.
Janet Longmore, BCom'79, is empowering youth in some of the world's most economically disadvantaged regions.
Meet Jane Wu, BCom'12, Co-Founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Penyo Pal, a tech start-up that produces literacy apps in Mandarin, French and English 'for kids, and kids at heart.'

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