Summer 2008


EMBA'05's Global Business Project Continues Economic Development Projects Intanzania Long After Class Dismissed
$1.2 Million Pledge To Goodes Hall Building Expansion
Commerce Outreach Commission Mobilizes Students To Make A Difference At Home And Abroad


Commerce Student Jeff Batchelor's Olympic Dreams
Chances are the typical Canadian bank loans officer doesn’t make house calls. Peter McConaghy, BCom’07, does, and his calls in remote Tajikistan aren’t for the faint-hearted.
Michael Organ’s Charity helps busy people make a difference at anytime, from anywhere.
Asked about a typical workday at CARE Canada, Kevin McCort, EMBA’05, pauses. “Well, it can be just about anything from sedate desk work to wild times in the field dodging bullets.”
Give her the numbers and she’ll tell you the story