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Student in Exchange Program
Student in Exchange Program
Student in Exchange Program

Career Management Made Easy

Our interactive Quest platform forever changes the way students manage their career journey. It’s now easier than ever for corporate partners to discover the exceptional talent at Smith School of Business.

Quest provides corporate partners with a real-time view of student resumes, updated as students gain experience, change interests or find employment.

Powerful Search

View an entire graduating class, or zero-in on the precise needs of your organization. Our new platform enables you to customize your resume search in a number of ways, and get in touch with potential new hires.

Discovery Features at a Glance

  • Search the database using multiple queries, including industry preference, languages spoken, Dean’s Honour List, current and previous education and more
  • Use Keyword search to narrow your focus, based on student resume content
  • Get in touch with candidates directly from the site

How it Works

Registration is easy.

Create your profile using the link below. Our team will review your submission and grant access to the Quest platform.

Have questions? Need support? Our team is happy to help. Contact us