Recruitment Policy

Smith Recruitment Policy 2017/2018

Thank you for your interest in recruiting our talented students at the Smith School of Business. We appreciate your business and have established this recruitment policy to significantly enhance our support to our corporate partners and students. The following policy applies to all firms recruiting Smith students, on or off campus. It is expected that all firms adhere to this policy in the spirit of fairness for students and other firms in the recruiting process. Firms that do not follow the policy will lose their recruiting privileges.

Therefore, prior to posting and interviewing with us, please read and acknowledge the policy by clicking the “submit” button at the end of the policy.

Our Commitment

  1. To make recruiting at Smith an easy and seamless process for our corporate partners
  2. To ensure a fair and ethical recruiting practice for students and firms
  3. To ensure firms get access to the best talent for their organization

All students will be informed of this policy and required to inform the Career Advancement Centre of any firms that violate the policy. The recruiting process is an important time for students to give serious consideration to their future while trying to balance their academic and extra-curricular schedules. It is critical that they have ample time to explore their career options, make well-considered decisions and are confident in their chosen career direction and firm. Decisions that are rushed are not in the best interest of the firm or student. As a result, the following policy has been developed which will ensure fair time allotment and equity for all firms, resulting in a better long-term hire for the firm.

2017/2018 Recruitment Calendar

There are 3 main on-campus recruitment periods throughout the year at the Kingston Campus of the Smith School of Business. Firms may recruit outside of these periods but are encouraged to recruit within these periods to avoid academic calendar conflicts: 

  1. September 6–27, 2017: Full-Time and Summer Internships
  2. October 2–November 20, 2017: Summer Internships (Commerce – mostly Financial Services)
  3. January 8–25, 2018: Summer Internships (Commerce – All Industries)

These recruitment periods apply only to our full-time programs based in Kingston (Commerce, MBA, MIB, MMIE). For our other part-time programs based in our Toronto campus (MMA, MFin, AMBA), firms are encouraged to recruit year-round. Please work with your Relationship Manager to identify the appropriate time to recruit for your firm and target market.

Industry Nights and Info Sessions

At each recruitment period Smith will host firms on campus for either industry night networking fairs or info sessions. Please refer to our recruitment page for dates and booking procedures.

Workshops, Coffee Chats, Networking Opportunities

Firms are encouraged to come to the Toronto or Kingston campus outside of the recruitment periods to host other events. These events must be conducted outside of the blackout periods for the related program to ensure no conflicts with exams or holidays.

Black Out Dates 2017/2018 Academic Year

Commerce 2017/2018

  • October 9 – Thanksgiving
  • October 23-November 3 – Mid-term exams
  • December 2-21 – Final exams (students are permitted to interview at the end of their exams at their discretion)
  • February 8-16 – Mid-term exams
  • February 19-23 – Reading week
  • March 30 – Good Friday
  • April 7-26 - Exams

MBA 2017

  • June 1-16 – exams and break
  • June 20-23 – MBA Toronto Trip
  • July 27 – Social Event
  • August 31 – Social Event

Please work with your Relationship Manager on ideal MBA recruiting dates as exams will vary by module.


On-campus interviews can be conducted in-person, by skype, video conference or phone. All students in Kingston programs must remain on campus for our on-campus interview dates (outlined below) for each of their respective industries. Firms are encouraged to conduct their first round interviews on these dates to ensure full access to and attendance by students. This is done to minimize time away from class. For second round interviews, students are permitted to participate in off-campus interviews after this period. This will avoid students leaving campus during our on-campus interview dates. Recruiting is permitted prior to these dates but is not recommended.

We are happy to support the scheduling of your on-campus interviews. All interview short-lists for on-campus interviews must be provided at least 3 business days in advance to your Relationship Manager or Recruitment Assistant. If the student list and interview format cannot be provided 3 business days in advance, then firms are required to schedule and notify the students directly. Reserving space for on-campus interviews can be done at the time of booking recruiting events on-line. For any off-campus interviews, firms are required to contact students directly to arrange for interview scheduling.

On Campus Interview Dates

The following dates are reserved as designated on-campus interview dates. Students in Kingston are not permitted to leave campus on these dates for off-campus interviews in their respective industries. This will ensure students are available for firms that wish to conduct interviews on-campus in Kingston. After these dates, firms are permitted to interview on or off campus. It is recommended that firms consult with their Relationship Manager to identify the ideal time to recruit as it varies by industry.

September 2017 Recruiting Period
Capital Markets - September 11, 12 (full-time recruiting only)
Consulting - September 13, 14, 15, 18
Accounting and All Other Industries - September 19-22

November 2017 Recruiting Period
Capital Markets - November 6, 7, 8
All Other - There are no designated on-campus dates for November. Firms are free to interview from October 2–December 1, 2017 (with the exception of the blackout dates)

January 2018 Recruiting Period
All Industries - January 15, 16, 17

Offers and Sign-back Dates

All offers must be in writing and in accordance with our designated sign-back dates within each industry’s recruiting period.

A sign-back date is defined as a date when the offer may expire. Students are permitted to accept an offer prior to the sign-back date but are not required to. An exploding offer is defined as an offer that expires in an unreasonable amount of time (eg. 24 hours or less). For those firms recruiting within one of the Smith recruitment periods, the sign-back date will be in effect for their respective industry. For those firms recruiting outside one of the Smith recruitment periods, it is requested that offers be kept open for a minimum of 5 business days as per CACEE guidelines.

For firms conducting accelerated recruiting in the summer, all offers must be kept open until the September sign-back date for your industry. The only exception to this is if a student has done a summer internship with a firm and the firm is inviting him/her back for another summer or full-time the following year. In this case the firm can determine the offer expiry date and work directly with the student.

Sign-back Dates

September Period (September 6–27)
Capital Markets – September 18 (for full-time offers only)*
Consulting – September 27
Accounting – October 6
All Other Industries – September 27

November Period (October 2 – November 20)
Capital Markets and all other industries – November 20

January Period (January 8–25)
All Industries – January 25

Capital Markets is the only industry that does not have a summer sign-back date in September. The first sign-back date for summer internship recruiting is November 20th, 2017. Banks recruiting for these positions are encouraged to interview in the October/November time frame.

Policy Breaches

Failure to follow these policies will result in loss of recruiting privileges at Smith as outlined below. Should a firm not follow any part of these policies (i.e. interview off-campus during the on-campus period or close an offer before the designated sign-back date, etc.), the following procedure will be applied.

Director of Smith’s Corporate Relations or Executive Director of the Career Advancement Centre will contact the organization’s Senior Management and Recruiting Team to discuss the violation. If no resolution can be found immediately, any of the following actions could be taken at the discretion of the Career Advancement Centre based on the violation.

  • Loss of first-come rights to reserve space on campus for events, info sessions and interviews for the firm’s next recruiting period
  • Immediate loss of access to the on-line resume book for the firm’s next recruiting period
  • Notify student body and student groups of the firm’s violation

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the Smith School of Business’ new Recruitment Policy, please contact the Relationship Manager supporting your specific industry:

Financial Services (Banks, Investment Banks, Private Equity)
Brennan Jones |

Financial Services (Pension Funds, Insurance, Payment Cards, Real Estate)
Rishi Behari |

Consulting, Accounting
Janette Miller |

CPG, Retail, Marketing Services, Loyalty, Hospitality
Clare Hein |

Technology, Telco, Start-Up, Media and Entertainment
Amy McLellan |

Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Travel
Jennifer Dunk |

Key Dates

IndustriesInfo sessions/Industry Nights*On-campus Interviews (R1)Sign-back date
Recruiting Period: September 6 - October 6
Capital Markets
(full-time only)
September 6-8 September 11, 12 September 18
Consulting September 6-14 September 13-18 September 27
Accounting September 11-20 September 19-22 October 6
All Others September 11-20 September 19-22 September 27
Recruiting Period: October 2 – November 20
Capital Markets October 2 – October 20 (recommended) ** November 6, 7, 8 November 20
All Other October 2 – November 10 (recommended) ** October 2 – November 13 (recommended) ** November 20
Recruiting Period: January 8-25
All Industries January 8-18 January 15, 16, 17 January 25

* See web site for details on dates and booking info sessions or industry nights
** Blackout dates apply

If you are recruiting outside of these dates, please work with your Relationship Manager to ensure you are capturing the right target student group and there are no conflicts on the student calendar.

Letter of Agreement

Prior to recruiting at Smith, all firms must agree to the Recruitment Policy.

Download a copy of the Smith Recruitment Policy 2017/2018.

Recruitment Policy