Executive MBA Americas - A Cornell-Queen's Partnership

Program Summary

  • Executive MBA Americas program draws participants from across Canada, the United States and Latin America, with an average of 12 years of work experience and 8 years of management experience
  • Core curriculum in Management Fundamentals, Strategic Thinking, Global Business, Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership
  • Program is 18 months in duration

For more information, please visit the Executive MBA Americas - A Cornell-Queen's Partnership website.

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Class Profile (2021)

Average Age 35
Average Years of Work Experience 11
Average Years of Management Experience 7
Undergraduate degree 100%
Graduate degree 33%

Types of Roles

  • Business Strategy Associate
  • Director, Operations
  • Executive Director
  • Manager, Corporate Strategy
  • Manager, Continuous Improvement and Data Analytics
  • Partner
  • Strategic, Business Planning Analyst
  • Vice President, Investments

Professional Background

Geographic Split