Fund Overview

QUAAF is a unique fund offering designed to provide capital appreciation through investment in alternative strategies. The fund is comprised of four separate portfolios, each with its own unique investment strategy and benchmarks for investment qualification. The five portfolios are as follows:

  • Growth
  • International
  • Market Neutral
  • Special Situations
  • Conservative Tactical

Each strategy is comprised of a variety of investment vehicles which include externally managed fund portfolios, equities, and fixed income instruments.


Growth Portfolio

This portfolio seeks to provide superior risk adjusted returns through a growth-focused strategy, while jointly maintaining a strong commitment to capital preservation. This portfolio captures value through efficient allocation of capital to funds operating with fundamental investment strategies that align with our own consensus view on the market. This category generally outperforms in upward markets and under performs in downward markets. The portfolio seeks returns in diversified underlying growth strategies, including equity long-short, event-driven strategies, real-estate, and quantitative driven funds.


International Portfolio

This portfolio is guided by Queen’s Beijing based QUAAF team composed of MFIN students.  The International Portfolio will initially use macro analysis in ex. North American countries to provide beta exposure to key markets (both developing and developed) that are poised to outperform expectations on a risk-adjusted basis.  As the program expands additional alternative asset investments will be managed.


Market Neutral Portfolio

This portfolio seeks to generate consistent returns by investing in strategies that are designed to earn returns in any market condition. This strategy exhibits consistent returns regardless of market conditions, and has a lower standard deviation than most portfolios. The funds held within this portfolio are market neutral and are not highly correlated to the market. Fund strategies that are generally invested in include Equity Market Neutral, Fixed Income Arbitrage, and Convertible Arbitrage.


Non-hedge Fund Portfolio:
Special Situations

This portfolio seeks to hold assets correlated to macro drivers and perceived market inefficiencies that the team finds attractive over the short to medium term. This portfolio generally invest in strategies such as deep value, mean revision, and contrarian.


Conservative Tactical Portfolio

This portfolio seeks to provide modestly positive returns when “risky markets” exhibit negative returns. The portfolio will be a source of liquidity for the overall QUAAF portfolio by investing in exchange-traded securities. Generally this portfolio will invest in investment grade bonds with below benchmark duration. This portfolio will be a “cash like” classification.