2019 - MBA

NameQuaaf TitleCurrent Employer
Edward Elsamah Chief Executive Officer Capco
Alex Yi Chief Investment Officer Novacap
Jasmine Zhou Chief Operating Officer
Nirali Joshi Chief Risk Officer
Bilal Alvi Director of Portfolio Management
Colin Greenwood Director of Business Development
Nicholas Da Sie Chief Economist
John McHughan Portfolio Manager - Growth TD Bank
Rodolfo Merino Portfolio Manager - Special Situations
Cristobal Poblete Portfolio Manager - Market Neutral

2018 - MFin

NameQuaaf TitleCurrent Employer
David Allega Chief Executive Officer TD Securities
Jeremy Yumul Chief Investment Officer Scotiabank Pension Investments
William McIsaac Chief Operating Officer Deloitte Consulting
Mark Huang Chief Risk Officer Let's Nom
Alisa Nagorny Director of Portfolio Management Canaccord Genuity
Silke Bertsche Director of Business Development CIBC Capital Markets
Roger Wang Chief Economist Scotiabank
Huzair Dada Portfolio Manager - Growth The Globe and Mail
Milad Marvasti Portfolio Manager - Special Situations CIBC Mellon
Lawrence Yan Portfolio Manager - Market Neutral

2018 - MBA

NameQuaaf TitleCurrent Employer
Michael Brown Chief Executive Officer
Lauren McCann Chief Investment Officer
Naghmeh Alizadeh Chief Operating Officer
Parthiban Nagarajah Chief Risk Officer
Jesse Coote Director of Portfolio Management
Nicole Magda Director of Business Development
Bert Chen Director of Economic Research
Daniel Boudens Director of Risk Management
Usama Zahid Portfolio Manager - Growth
Zafer Qureshi Portfolio Manager - Special Situations
Will McIsaac Portfolio Manager - Market Neutral

2017 - MFin

NameQuaaf TitleCurrent Employer
Julius Nyarko Chief Executive Officer
Fan Zhang Chief Investment Officer
Andrew Kay Chief Operating Officer
Adam Prokop Chief Risk Officer
Joseph Jiang Director of Portfolio Management
Carter Smith Director of Business Development
Muhammad Jahanzeb Portfolio Manager - Growth
Jawad Raza Portfolio Manager - Special Situations
Melissa Liu Portfolio Manager - Market Neutral