QSB tops Businessweek’s MBA ranking in the teamwork category

Posted on January 11, 2013

Kingston, Jan. 11, 2013 – The influential Bloomberg Businessweek magazine’s ranking of MBA programs not only ranked QSB’s program #1 in Canada, it also topped the list for its outstanding approach to teamwork. The average teamwork score for all 82 U.S. and international schools in the ranking was 5.07; QSB scored 5.97 out of 6 to take the top spot.

The magazine’s online summary of results highlighted QSB’s success in incorporating teamwork as a major program component. “At the start of the program, each student is assigned to a diverse learning group of six or seven classmates with whom they work through the entire core curriculum. Each team is given a conference room equipped with all the MBA necessities: white boards, printers, a mini-refrigerator, and, most importantly, a coffee maker. Additionally, the groups are each assigned a professional coach to provide feedback and guidance on the team dynamic. Within the learning teams, each student is given the opportunity to lead projects as well as collaborate with their peers.”

The ranking is based on responses from MBAs from the Class of 2012 who were asked in an online survey about the full range of their business school experiences, from getting in to getting a job. One section of the survey singled out specific aspects of the business program and asked the students to rate those on a scale from “poor” to “outstanding.” The magazine is publishing the top 10 B-schools in each of the nine specialty areas, starting with the teamwork results, below.

Top MBA Programs by Specialty: Teamwork

1. Queen’s 5.94
2. ESADE 5.88
3. IMD 5.87
4. Northwestern (Kellogg) 5.83
5. Dartmouth (Tuck) 5.82
6. Cornell (Johnson) 5.74
7. Duke (Fuqua) 5.73
8. Michigan State (Broad) 5.64
9. NYU (Stern) 5.63
10. Carnegie Mellon (Tepper) 5.62