Professors Jana Raver and Wei Wang are QSB Research Excellence Award Recipients

Posted on December 3, 2012

Wei Wang, Dean David Saunders, Jana Raver, Alec Cram and Matthew Philp
Wei Wang, Dean David Saunders, Jana Raver, Alec Cram and Matthew Philp

PhD students Alec Cram and Matthew Philp also recognized

Nov. 20, 2012 – Kingston This year’s recipients of the Queen’s School of Business Research Excellence Awards were lauded at a reception at Goodes Hall. The QSB Award for Research Achievement was presented by Dean David Saunders to Jana Raver, Associate Professor and E. Marie Shantz Faculty Fellow in Organizational Behaviour, while New Researcher Achievement Award honours went to Wei Wang, Assistant Professor and Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Finance. The inaugural recipients of awards recognizing research excellence at the doctoral level were PhD students Matthew Philp and Alec Cram.

Jana’s research interests include interpersonal relations and group processes in the workplace. She focuses on the ways in which employees support each other and build high-performance environments instead of engaging in counterproductive actions such as harassment and bullying. She impressed the award committee with her record of publications in top-tier journals and her role as editorial board member for leading publications. She has published articles in journals such as Science, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Human Resource Management Review. She is an associate editor at Applied Psychology, and a principal reviewer at Journal of Applied Psychology.

Wei Wang’s accomplishments early in his scholarly career are impressive as well, making him a worthy recipient of the New Researcher Award. The award recognizes a faculty member whose research during the pre-tenure period is considered outstanding. Wei’s research focuses on bankruptcy restructuring, distressed investing, activist investors, corporate governance, capital structure, and behavioral finance. In 2012, he made a name for himself with several papers relating to creditor rights in large bankruptcies. His research has been published in Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis,
Financial Management, and Journal of Fixed Income.

The Research Excellence Award program is administered by an ad hoc committee of QSB professors. In addition to the recognition, recipients receive grants to support their research and facilitate its dissemination in high quality publications.

Read about Jana’s research at QSB Magazine and watch for Wei’s research in the Winter 2013 issue, out in January.