Watch QSB’s Prof Gagnon discuss tax debate on BNN June 26

Posted on June 23, 2010

As part of BNN’s ongoing Summit 2010 series, Professor Louis Gagnon will share his expert views in a roundtable discussion on the tax debate Saturday, June 26 at 10 a.m. Other panelists include Ross Healy, Chairman & CEO, Strategic Analysis Corporation, and Barry Allan, President, CEO & CIO, Marret Asset Management. BNN anchors Michael Kane, Rudyard Griffiths and Andrea Mandel-Campbell will host.

Louis Gagnon is an Associate Professor of Finance at QSB and an expert on capital markets and risk management. During his time in senior management at the Royal Bank of Canada, he oversaw global interest rate derivatives exposures and developed risk management methodologies and policies. In addition to teaching at QSB, Professor Gagnon consults for a number of organizations in the finance and the non-finance sectors and is actively involved in executive development both in Canada and abroad.

Professor Gagnon has also been interviewed about the tax debate by the Wall Street Journal and Radio-Canada.