Student-run Investment Counsel to manage real money portfolio

Posted on November 3, 2010

The Queen’s University Investment Counsel (QUIC) recently announced the launch of a real money portfolio.

Under the leadership of fourth­year Commerce students Andrew Iu (CEO), Mark Vesely (Chief Investment Officer), and Jeff Gallant (Chief Strategy Officer) the Counsel is structured as an unincorporated asset manager overseeing an initial portfolio of $500,000 of investment funds.

Founded in 2003, QUIC managed a notional investment portfolio until this year, when QSB seeded the fund. Students raised additional funds through exam review tutorials for first and second year students and through donations from alumni.

QUIC’s student membership is comprised of 25 portfolio managers and analysts, who were selected based on merit and knowledge of the industry. Members are divided into seven sector teams, each of which manages a portion of the overall portfolio. The team meets weekly to monitor the fund’s performance, and discuss market trends and investment strategies. Meetings are open to all Queen’s students.

Beyond asset management, QUIC conducts educational initiatives intended to improve the finance knowledge of Queen’s students, including tutorials, interview workshops, stock market simulations, and a guest speaker series.

An Alumni Advisory Council and Board of Directors will oversee the executive team. Board members include Peter Copestake, Chair and QSB Executive­in­Residence; Shannon Goodspeed, Executive Director, Commerce Program; and QSB Finance professors Lynnette Purda, Lew Johnson and Bill Cannon.

Visit to learn more about QUIC and track the progress of its investments.

To donate to the student investment fund, please contact QSB Development Officer Sarah Roth at or 800.267.7837.