Four QSB Professors awarded prestigious SSHRC grants

Posted on September 19, 2010

KINGSTON, ON – The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) has awarded over $243,000 in funding to four faculty at Queen’s School of Business.

As part of the 2010 competition year, Professors Yolande Chan, Tina Dacin, Louis Gagnon and Christopher Miners will receive funding for their research in the following areas:

Understanding Social Incubation: Strategy and Organizational Behaviour Professor Tina Dacin’s research aims to explore the process of business incubation in the social sector. There is a growing body of social enterprises whose major goal is to create social value and serve societal needs. They face a lack of resources, both financial and in expertise and network outreach. Dr. Dacin’s research will show that the business incubation model can be a potent and useful instrument in supporting new social ventures.

The Rural Creative Economy: From Theory to Practice: Management Information Systems Professor Yolande Chan received a grant to fund a conference on the rural creative economy. The event will explore revitalizing rural communities through creative economic activities such as art, advertising, design, film, publishing, education, R&D, software and media.

The Law of One Price and the Factors that Impede Arbitrage Across Markets: Finance Professor Louis Gagnon’s research revolves around “the law of one price” and the factors driving price disparities in the market for cross-listed shares. The research seeks answers to three questions: 1) Can arbitrageurs exploit price disparities that arise in a multi-market setting? 2) Do differences of opinion and short-sale constraints jointly lead to overpricing of securities? and 3) Are deviations from “the law of one price” governing the relation between spot and futures prices primarily driven by market frictions or by information asymmetry?

The Virtues (and Vices) of Emotional Intelligence at Work: Organizational Behaviour Professor Christopher Miners explores the relations between emotional intelligence and negotiation performance, moral decision-making, and social influence.

SSHRC funding is awarded to faculty for research in areas across the social sciences and humanities, including the economy, education, immigration, globalization and ethics. SSHRC and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) funding are considered the most prestigious grants for faculty at a business school, especially given the increasingly competitive market for federal funding.