QSB Commerce team national winners of L’Oreal E-Strat business simulation

Posted on May 4, 2009

Queen’s Bachelor of Commerce 2009 students, Linda Chew, Nancy Li and Baille Zheng, were the national winners of L’Oreal’s E-Strat, the world’s largest online business simulation. In this virtual world, teams of three run a cosmetics company competing with other computer-adaptive companies in everything from R&D to pricing, promotion distribution and web management. The national competition is judged by L’Oreal executives in Montreal. The top three teams in Canada are invited to participate by submitting a twenty minute video that presents their strategy throughout the game. The judges then consider the stock price, business plan, and video before choosing the winning team for Canada.

“L’Oreal told us that our video was by far the most creative in delivering our message,” said winning team member Linda Chew. “They were impressed by both the passion and professionalism we displayed in the presentation. I think working with my teammates was definitely the best part of the competition. It was such a great experience because we were leveraging each other’s strengths – numbers, generating creative ideas and writing. After devoting almost ten hours per week throughout this entire semester for the competition, winning the nationals is definitely an exciting accomplishment for us.”