Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA Program Expands in Dallas, Houston and Atlanta

Posted on March 19, 2008

Kingston, ON – Queen’s School of Business and the Johnson School at Cornell University are pleased to announce the extension of the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA Program into Dallas, Houston and Atlanta. The program, which is delivered in part via live, multipoint, interactive videoconferencing to major cities in the United States and Canada, was established in 2005 through a partnership between the two schools. To date, approximately 240 managers and professionals have enrolled in the program.

“With the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA we can extend the reach and accessibility of the Johnson School and Cornell University, while retaining the qualities that have always distinguished a Cornell MBA,” said Dr. Joseph Thomas, Dean of the Johnson School at Cornell University. “With Queen’s as a partner, we benefit from their expertise and proven success in using videoconferencing to deliver a quality MBA program.”

What differentiates this from traditional Executive MBA programs is that students learn in boardroom settings located in the cities in which they live and work. Students are organized into Boardroom Learning Teams of approximately six to eight people and 60 percent of courses are delivered via a series of boardroom sessions using interactive multipoint videoconferencing. The balance of the courses is delivered during three on-campus residential sessions, split evenly between the Queen’s and Cornell Campuses. Videoconferencing classes are held three Saturdays per month during the seventeen-month program. Participants are located in the United States and Canada, with Cornell and Queen’s sharing the teaching responsibilities equally. Within the U.S., the program is offered in New York, Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Washington DC, and now Georgia and Texas.

Graduates of the program earn two MBA degrees — one from Cornell and one from Queen’s — and are full-fledged alumni of both schools. “This program offers our students the best of all worlds,” said Dr. David Saunders, Dean of Queen’s School of Business. “Through our partnership with Cornell, a U.S. Ivy League school, our students emerge with knowledge, perspectives, contacts and MBA degrees from not one, but two of the world’s premier business schools.”