The Back-to-School Experience

What’s it like to go back to school?

If you’re like the majority of our EMBA candidates, it’s been a while since you learned in a classroom setting.  We think you’re up for the challenge.

Join us for a special webinar on April 16th, focused on common questions we hear before someone makes their decision to apply.
  • Will I be successful in quantitative courses?
  • Do I have enough work experience?
  • Will I be successful in a graduate-level business program?
  • Is now the right time to earn my degree?
At the 60-minute event, Program Director Gloria Saccon will introduce you to a panel of Smith graduates, who will share their stories about overcoming barriers and realizing their MBA dream.

We hope you can join us to learn more.

Presenter:  Gloria Saccon
Date:  April 16, 2021
Time:  12:00 PM EDT
Length: 60 minutes
Price: Complimentary

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