Program Fees

The program fees for the Executive MBA Americas program are approximately $139,865*. The fees are payable to both Queen's University ($111,575 CDN) and Cornell University ($21,500 USD). The program fees cover tuition, books, all learning materials, career and team coaching, student assistance levy, as well as meals and accommodation during residential sessions.

Fee Schedule

InstalmentDue DateQueen's Fee (CDN)Cornell Fee (USD)Total Fee (CDN)
Deposit Upon Acceptance $5,000*   $5,000*
First June 1, 2019 $22,893 $21,500 $51,183
Second September 1, 2019 $27,894   $27,894
Third January 1, 2020 $27,894   $27,894
Fourth May 1, 2020 $27,894   $27,894
School Fees $111,575 $21,500  
Total Program Fees     $139,865


**Assumes One Canadian Dollar = $0.76 US. Total fee will fluctuate with the US currency exchange rate.

Fees are subject to final approval from the Queen's Board of Trustees.

International students will be required to purchase the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) if they cannot provide evidence of equivalent coverage. A person is classified as a Domestic Student if they have Canadian citizenship, landed immigrant status, permanent resident status or dual Canadian citizenship. Key information can be found at