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A Truly International MBA Experience

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Meet the Program Director at a complimentary information session in Santiago or Lima. Learn more about how our program matches your career goals.

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 Lima, Peru
 Santiago, Chile

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 February 28th - 5:30pm

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Earn an MBA from both Cornell and Queen's University while you work.

Global business requires a global perspective.

While most executive MBA programs draw their participants from a single city or region, Executive MBA Americas draws participants from North and South America. This unmatched diversity in perspectives and career backgrounds creates a far more enriching learning environment. 

Study while you continue to work

The balance of your class time is spent in your Boardroom Learning Centre, conveniently located in your home city. These class sessions are held all day Saturday and Sunday morning, every other weekend.

Classes are delivered via real-time, interactive videoconferencing – a learning technology that Smith School of Business has perfected over more than 15 years.

With boardroom locations in major markets across Canada, the United States and South America, you can attend class in partner cities while traveling for business. Should you be required to relocate during the program, you may be able to join a team in your destination city.

Team-Based Learning

Our team-based format mirrors today's progressive work place. Learning teams remain together for the duration of the program, drawing on the skills and experience of each team member. Dedicated team coaches work to build strong bonds and ensure high performance throughout the program.