Sara Da Silva

I came to Queen’s MBA Program because ...

As someone who was interested in the business side of healthcare, I explored Masters of Health Administration programs at first, but decided on a Masters of Business Administration, as it was more transferrable. As my undergraduate degree was in Kinesiology, I had no formal business training and wanted the flexibility to change career paths as I moved forward with my education. I was living in Vancouver, but as a born-and-bread Toronto girl, I was looking to return to Ontario. I knew that I needed a program with a great reputation - and the Queen’s MBA has just that. Queen’s emphasis on working in teams while still receiving the individualized support and coaching you require was the biggest motivator for me. The opportunity to specialize in Healthcare Management was also an integral part of my decision as it offered me the ability to graduate with an extra certificate to differentiate myself with when returning to the healthcare industry. I spoke to alumni in my network about their experiences and was encouraged by their positive feedback. The program is an investment in myself and their feedback about how the value of their degrees was increasing each year was very helpful in reaching my decision. I’ve already learned how invaluable the Smith School of Business network is. I am learning from my professors, my classmates, and the Queen’s community in general every day. I can’t wait to see where this road takes me.

  • Hometown: Toronto
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Healthcare
  • Career Focus: Public Health/Other