Drishi Vilkhu

I came to Queen’s MBA Program because ...

As an engineer turned lawyer, innovation has been integral to my growth professionally and personally. Working with inventors, start-ups and multinationals intrigued me and I wanted to understand the key strategies that companies follow to drive their decisions. I wanted to understand the innards of successful and responsible companies and decided that it was time for an MBA!

Next up was the need to choose a great school and Smith School of Business was the one for me. Why? There are a number of reasons! One, the focus on team building in our learning process is so wonderful that the air is incensed with collaboration all around. This collaboration is not limited only to the classmates, but the administration as well. Second is the location. You are close to Toronto making networking easier and additionally, Kingston is a treasure trove when it comes to enjoying city life yet not being overwhelmed by demands of a big city. Third is that the school allows you to specialize in a specific field besides providing a focus on general management. This got me interested and so here I am!

I am interested in moving to change management, business transformation, and internal corporate strategy after my MBA and hope to become Chief Innovation Officer for a big technology firm in the future.

I have big plans for myself and am ready to support you in yours. I would love to help you out in any way I could.

All the best and be happy!

  • Hometown: New Delhi
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Prior Industry: Law
  • Career Focus: Strategy and Technology