Craig Rubis

I came to Queen’s MBA Program because ...

I came to Queen’s MBA Program because of its team focus. Teamwork is unavoidable in most of the business world and I wanted an intensive opportunity to learn applicable skills that will develop me into a more effective and successful future leader. For me, the team experience provides a chance to learn and practice leadership, communication skills, and interpersonal skills.

What I like about Queen’s is its unique personal approach. From the moment I submitted my GMAT score to Queen’s, I had a personal application advisor who was there advising me through the application process, providing next steps and answering any questions that I had. Relative to other schools, I appreciate Queen’s smaller class size and its close-knit community. The program has a fantastic array of opportunities, and the Queen’s MBA has a strong network.

Finally, in my position as a JD/MBA candidate, I began the program half-way through the Queen’s Faculty of Law program. My work experience was somewhat limited in length and the Queen’s MBA program is an opportunity to learn from not only classes, but also my classmates, many of whom are from outside of Canada, have international experience, and have diverse backgrounds.

I wish you the best in your decision and I am here to answer your questions.

  • Hometown: Edmonton
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Finance/Other
  • Career Focus: Law/Other