Christopher Salloum

I came to Queen’s MBA Program because ...

I was looking to broaden my education and experience to transition my career to a new field. The Queen’s MBA at Smith School of Business offers an impressive academic one-year program, a unique focus on developing leadership skills in a team setting and an extensive alumni network. These are the reasons why I chose Queen’s MBA.

Since beginning the program, I have been truly impressed with the diverse range of experience and the successes of my classmates, the extremely approachable nature of the professors and support staff and the “beyond the classroom” opportunities. At Smith, the students, professors and staff are all supporting you to achieve your career and personal goals. This is a truly unique school environment.

Without hesitation, I can say that I picked the right program for my professional development but also my personal development. I am more than happy to chat anytime about my experience, especially to applicants without a traditional business background.

  • Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Government/Government Relations
  • Career Focus: Consulting & Technology