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Graduate Success Stories

Melissa Alaimo

Melissa Alaimo, MBA 2016
Associate, Human Resources Development Program
Toronto, ON

Prior to the program, Melissa was Executive Team Leader of Human Resources, District Resource and Guest Experience, at Target Canada. Upon graduation, she joined CIBC as an Associate in its Human Resources Development Program, a program that accepts approximately two master’s graduates each year.

"The Queen's MBA program is unique – the team-based approach and the diversity within the class truly reflected the workplace environment. The small class size enabled me to build genuine relationships with all of my classmates, professors and program staff. The Career Program events were fantastic, enabling me to industry pivot from a career in retail to a career in banking. I would definitely recommend this program."

Jenna Archer

Jenna Archer, MBA 2016
Digital Commercial Leader
GE Canada
Calgary, AB

Before she entered the program, Jenna was Corporate Development Leader for Keywest Projects Limited, a Calgary-based firm providing services and solutions for upstream and mid-stream oil and gas producers. After graduation, she joined GE Canada in their Accelerated Leadership Program.

"Queen's MBA offers unique learning experiences that will broaden your perspective on culture, teams, innovation, and business in general. The program really enabled me to develop my leadership skills and to pivot my career as an engineer to a commercial leader through GE's Accelerated Leadership Program - a program developed to create executive talent."

Roxane Ducasse

Roxane Ducasse, MBA 2016
D.A.R.E. Associate
Walmart Canada
Mississauga, ON

Prior to starting the program, Roxane was an Operations Performance Analyst for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, in Ottawa. Upon graduation, she entered the Accelerated Leadership Development Program at Walmart in Mississauga, Ontario.

“The Queen’s MBA experience helped me further refine the type of leader I wanted to be. It also gave me the confidence and the tools to successfully pivot into a completely new career that would not have been available to me otherwise. My year at Queen’s was truly a life-changing experience where I not only gained a wealth of contacts through the alumni network, but also made lifelong friends.”

Margaret Hong

Margaret Hong, MBA 2016
Associate, Investment Banking
Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets
Toronto, ON

Prior to starting the program, Margaret was a Senior Financial Analyst at DH Corporation in Toronto. Upon graduation she was hired by Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets as an Investment Banking Associate.

“The Queen’s MBA opened up opportunities in Investment Banking for me and, without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without it. The team experience was amazing. It taught me how to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. The program alumni were very helpful in providing mentorship. Without hesitation I would recommend this program.”

Anubhav Khanna

Anubhav Khanna, MBA 2016
Senior Product Manager
Seattle, WA

Prior to starting the program, Anubhav was a Software Automation Developer for BlackBerry in Ottawa, a position he had held for five years. Upon completing his Queen’s MBA, he joined Amazon in Seattle.

“The program provided me to the tools and skills to transition from an execution role as a software developer, to a technology planning and design role as a product manager, keeping in mind the business needs. The team-based approach, taught me the vital elements of collaboration in a multi-cultural environment. The Queen’s MBA will help you explore opportunities beyond those of traditional consulting and financial services.”

Rebecca Kirby

Rebecca Kirby, MBA 2016
Integration Consultant, Revenue Management and Analytics
The Walt Disney Company
Orlando, Florida

Rebecca entered the MBA program after completing the Queen’s Master of International Business program. Upon graduation, she joined the Walt Disney Company in her current role.

“Queen's is such a remarkable school and the Smith School of Business is one of its crown jewels. The MBA program gave me the confidence to approach any business problem with a solid foundation of knowledge. I especially enjoyed working in teams with a diverse and exceptionally high-achieving cohort, and the flexibility to customize the experience to my interests. I would absolutely recommend this program.”

Shashank Krishnamurthy

Shashank Krishnamurthy, MBA 2016
Worldwide Data Science Competitive and Product Strategy
Toronto, ON

Prior to the program, Shashank was a Data Specialist with IBM in Bangalore, India. He was the first student to complete the MBA and Master of Management Analytics programs concurrently. Upon graduation, he was hired by IBM Canada as Senior Advisor in the Technical Sales practice for IBM Analytics. Following a year in that position, he moved into a new role with much broader scope and responsibilities.

“I had the unique opportunity to take on two Master’s programs at the same time and, for individuals aspiring to become the leaders of modern data-driven enterprises, I’m not aware of any programs in the world that can match the unique education, professional network and career opportunities provided by the MBA-MMA combination. Queen’s has played a huge role in making me who I am today and I’m very confident that this exceptional experience will continue to shape my life for decades to come.”

Mei Young

Mei Young, MBA 2016
A.T. Kearney

Before she entered the program, Mei was an independent consultant in Vancouver. Upon graduation, she accepted the position of Associate at A.T. Kearney in Toronto. She has subsequently relocated to Singapore.

“For me, there were two significant highlights of the program – experiential learning (through the consulting projects and running the Queen’s Innovation Summit) and the structured team environment that taught me how to work effectively in a team. The Queen’s MBA experience pushes you to achieve your full potential while recognizing your personal goals and vision.”

Sanket Angane

Sanket Angane, MBA 2015
Senior Management Consultant
Toronto, ON

Prior to starting the program, Sanket was a Manager at Idea Cellular in Mumbai, India. Upon graduation, he accepted the role of Senior Management Consultant at KPMG in Toronto.

“The Queen’s MBA program was a life changing experience. The fast paced environment and team-based structure allowed me to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and really broaden my perspective. The program was a launch-pad that enabled me to transition from Telecom to Consulting.”

Juan Baraya

Juan Baraya, MBA 2015
Customer Team Finance
Procter & Gamble
Toronto, ON

Before entering the program, Juan was a Sales Analyst for Red Bull in Bogota, Colombia. Upon graduation, he accepted the position of International Associate with Scotiabank in Toronto. He has subsequently moved to Procter & Gamble.

“Joining the MBA program at Queen's was one of the best career decisions I have made. The skill set that I developed during the program has helped me to adapt to different roles, teams, markets and industries. The team-based approach truly simulates the workplace and provides a safe environment to develop leadership skills and learn from people with completely different backgrounds.”

Dean Buksak

Dean Buksak, MBA 2015
Senior Commercial Account Manager
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the program, Dean was Purchasing Officer for CancerCare Manitoba. Upon graduation he joined RBC as an Associate in their Graduate Leadership Program.

“From the moment the program started, I was amazed how Queen’s was able to identify my personal objectives and tailor a learning experience to enable me to meet them. The program definitely helped change my life for the better. It not only gave me the confidence and the education to hit the “reset” button on my career, but enter a new career at a high trajectory. It is amazing the weight that the Queen’s brand carries on the street.”

Kim Fulton

Kim Fulton, MBA 2015
A.T. Kearney
Toronto, ON

Before starting the program Kim was a Marketing Coordinator at Stuart Olson Inc., a large construction management company based in southern Alberta. Upon graduation, she joined management consulting firm A.T. Kearney as an Associate.

“There are a lot of MBA programs that provide a quality business education, but very few rival Queen’s team-based approach, personalized coaching, and tight-knit culture. I really felt I was learning something new every day – in terms of business acumen, leadership skills and self-discovery. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking for a transformative MBA experience.”

Isha Pall

Isha Pall, MBA 2015
Marketing Manager
Precima (a Loyalty One Company)
Toronto, ON

Prior to starting the program, Isha was an Account Project Manager at Informco Inc. After graduation, she accepted the position of Marketing Manager at Precima, a Loyalty One Company.

“The Queen’s MBA forced me to get outside my comfort zone and really challenge myself. I found that the team approach used in the program not only promoted collaboration, but also a great deal of personal growth. The Queen’s experience is like no other and, without a doubt, I would highly recommend this program.”

Miguel Quintana

Miguel Quintana, MBA 2015
Marketing Manager, Food Service
Kraft Heinz Company
Toronto, ON

Before he entered the program, Miguel was a Brand Manager at Alicorp, a leading Peruvian consumer packaged goods company, located in Lima, Peru. Upon graduation, he joined Kraft Heinz Canada as a Marketing Manager.

“The Queen’s MBA pushed me away from my comfort zone and really helped me develop my team and leadership skills. My classmates were all exceptional people and the program staff and faculty were there to help every step of the way. The Queen’s MBA credential is priceless, and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to expand their career.”

Santiago Quintanilla

Santiago Quintanilla, MBA 2015
Managing Partner and Co-Founder, E Capital
Co-founder, Q Holdings
Mexico City, Mexico

Prior to entering the program, Santiago was a Senior Analyst with the Abraaj Group, a global private equity institution investing in select high-growth markets around the world. As well, he was an entrepreneur who had co-founded two startups – E Capital (an early stage Venture Capital firm that invests in small companies focused primarily on innovation, technology, microfinance and innovative financial products) and Q Holdings (a real estate investment firm). Since graduation, he has focused his attention these businesses.

“The team-based approach, flexibility, exchange opportunities, student diversity and small class setting make the Queen’s MBA an exceptional experience. It helped me to broaden my perspective, enhance my leadership skills, and provided a large international network. I have recommended this program to several colleagues and will continue to do so.”

Rob Saunders

Rob Saunders, P.Eng, MBA 2015
Senior Consultant
Monitor Deloitte
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the Queen’s MBA program, Rob practiced electrical engineering at a prominent engineering firm in the Toronto area. Upon graduation, he made a significant career change and joined Monitor Deloitte as a Senior Consultant.

“The Queen's MBA opened doors, which thanks to the rigors of the program I was able to enter. It is a fast-paced program, rich in personal development and will give you a new appreciation for how much can change in twelve months.”

Colin Brown

Colin Brown, JD, MBA 2014
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
Toronto, ON

Colin entered the combined Juris Doctorate/ MBA program at Queen’s following his undergraduate degree at Western University. Upon completing the combined program in 2014, he joined the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP where he is currently an Associate, practicing New York law in Canada – a unique experience afforded to only a small group of Canadians.

“Queen's strong reputation, coupled with its collegial culture, made the program an easy choice for me. Queen's alumni graduate with lessons and friendships that stay with them for the rest of their lives. I strongly recommend Queen’s JD/MBA program to anyone aspiring for a career in corporate/business law.”

Kezia Burke

Kezia Burke, MBA 2014
Associate, Energy, Corporate Banking
CIBC Capital Markets
Toronto, ON

Prior to starting the program Kezia was a Territory Manager for the Princeton Review. Upon graduation she was hired into the Graduates Matter Rotational Program at CIBC. She is now an Associate for CIBC Capital Markets.

“I chose Queen’s over all of the other schools I looked at. I already knew it was a great school, but when I came for a visit for a day and spent time with the students in the program they made it sound like a great learning environment...and they were right.”

David Carnegie

David Carnegie, MBA 2014
Partner/Senior Consultant
Malroz Engineering Inc.
Kingston, ON

Prior to the Queen’s MBA program, David was a Project Engineer (Environmental Consultant) at Malroz Engineering Inc. in Kingston, ON. Upon completing the program he returned to Malroz as a Senior Consultant and was subsequently made Partner.

“One of the things I really enjoyed about the program was that it allowed me to customize my learning so that I was building in the areas I really needed to take my career to the next level.”

Agustina Gargantini

Agustina Gargantini, MBA 2014
International Credit Risk Manager
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the program, Agustina was Business Analyst - Latin America for National Oilwell Varco in Argentina. After completing the program, she joined Scotiabank as an International Associate.

“I’m from Argentina and I found the job search process very different here in Canada. With the help of my Career Coach, I was able to land my dream job just six months into the program.”

Tae Moon

Tae Moon, MBA 2014
Toronto, ON

Prior to starting the Queen’s MBA, Tae was Product Development Manager and Marketing Specialist at a mechanical engineering firm in San Jose. Upon completing the program, he was hired into the Graduate Leadership Program at TD, where is now an Associate.

“I’m from California and I was looking for an international school that would really meet my expectations. When I looked into Canadian schools, Queen’s really stood out for me. It had the quality I was looking for and the team-based approach was a real plus.”

Disha Popli

Disha Popli, MBA 2014
Associate, Asset Based Lending
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the program, Disha was an Assistant Manager with Federal Bank in India. Upon completing the program, she joined TD as an Associate in Calgary. She subsequently relocated to Toronto where she joined CIBC.

“I found that the Queen’s MBA offered a multitude of resources such as executive coaching and team coaching. This is a school that is focused on the overall personal development of its students, and that’s exactly what I was looking for.”

Vinay Pushkarna

Vinay Pushkarna, MBA 2014
Senior Consultant, Strategy & Operations
Calgary, AB

Before entering the program, Vinay was a Process Engineer for an engineering firm in Singapore, specializing in oil and gas. After completing his Queen’s MBA, he joined Deloitte as a Senior Consultant, Strategy & Operations in their Calgary office.

“I’m not aware of any other MBA program that offers the breadth of coaching available in the Queen’s MBA program. These coaches are very experienced and provide tremendous service.”

Tamas Toth

Tamas Toth, MBA 2014
Reference Data Analyst
New York, NY

Before starting the program, Tamas was a Financial Modeling Consultant for Continental Bank of Canada. Upon completing the program, he returned to Continental Bank of Canada as Treasurer. He has since moved to New York and joined MSCI.

“For me, the highlight of the program was the Queen’s Alternative Asset Fund – student-run hedge fund. We were investing real money in alternative assets in Canada. I was able to make connections in the hedge fund industry that I never would have been able to make otherwise.”

James Austen

James Austen, MBA 2013
Investment Banking
Cormark Securities
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the Queen’s MBA program, James was working in Branch Management at TD Canada Trust. When he graduated in 2013, James joined Dundee Capital Markets in Institutional Equity Sales.

“I chose Queen’s because of its great reputation and strong alumni network. The program was fast-paced and intensive and gave me the skills I needed to rebrand myself and change careers. I enjoyed the small class size and team-based approach.”

Jamie Flegg

Jamie Flegg, MBA 2013
Vice President, Investment Management
Waterton Global Resources Management Inc.
Toronto, ON

Prior to joining the Queen’s MBA program, Jamie had been pursuing a career as a full-time singer/songwriter and was looking to transition to the corporate arena. During the Specialization module of the program, he was able to arrange a short-term capital markets internship at National Bank Financial, which he then leveraged into a full-time position in investment banking.

"The Queen's MBA program provided me with an invaluable platform to successfully navigate a significant career transition. In addition, the network that I built during the program has been tremendously helpful to my career. The program provided opportunities for me that would have not been available otherwise.”

Emily Boudreau

Emily Boudreau, MBA 2012
Deloitte Canada
Ottawa, ON

Before she entered the Queen’s MBA program, Emily was a program manager with the former National Aboriginal Health Organization. Upon completion of the program, she made a career shift from the non-profit arena, to the private sector, as a Senior Consultant in the Human Capital practice at Deloitte.

“I found support everywhere I turned throughout the program. The Queen’s MBA allowed me to hone my interpersonal skills and develop greater knowledge in my areas of interest. My Queen’s experience was transformational. It provided me with a new found confidence, a sense of purpose and direction for my career and a network of life-long friends.”

Drew Cormier

Drew Cormier, MBA 2012
Search Strategist
Mountain View, CA

Drew came into the Queen’s MBA program directly from his undergraduate program in Computer Engineering. Upon graduation, he was hired by Google - a company he describes as “the best company in the world to work for” – as a Product Quality Analyst.

“I would not have landed the job at Google without my Queen’s MBA, and I believe it will increase my likelihood of being promoted in the future. I would describe the program as amazing and transformative. Participating in the Tricolour Venture Fund allowed me to meet people within Canada’s new venture world that I’m still connected to today.”

Amanda Goodwin

Amanda Goodwin, MBA 2012
AVP, Head of Strategic Planning
John Hancock
Boston, MA

Before she started the Queen’s MBA program, Amanda was a Hospital Pharmacist at a large teaching hospital in Calgary. Upon graduation, she elected to change careers and accepted the position of Product Manager with Manulife Financial. She is now Director, Strategic Planning at John Hancock in Boston.

“I chose Queen’s because I knew this would not only give me the best possible education and learning opportunities, but also the best possible job prospects coming out of the program. For me, the program was literally life-changing. I could not have made this career change without the Queen’s MBA."

Shannon Kot

Shannon Kot, MBA 2012
Manager and Senior Consultant
Ottawa, ON

Before enrolling in the Queen’s MBA program, Shannon was a Senior Consultant at Deloitte. With an undergraduate degree in mathematics, she wanted a broader business education. Upon completing the program, she returned to Deloitte and has taken on increased leadership and management roles.

“My Queen’s MBA experience helped me to refine my management and leadership style, and changed the way I work with people. The program has provided a valuable network of future leaders through my classmates, professors and alumni. As well, the Forté Foundation connections inspired me and greatly broadened my network.”

Parisa Naghibi

Parisa Naghibi, MBA 2012
Associate Director
HSBC Bank Canada
Toronto, ON

Before entering the Queen’s MBA program, Parisa worked in retail banking as a Personal Banker at CIBC. When she completed the program, she joined Raymond James Limited as an Equity Research Associate. She subsequently joined HSBC Bank Canada as an Analyst in the Debt Finance Origination.

“The Queen's program stood out to me because of its personalized approach, quality of professors and access to a fantastic alumni network. One of the hi-lights of the program was my involvement in the Queen’s Alternative Assets Fund which contributed significantly to my being able to make the career change I have made. Personally, I would describe the Queen’s MBA as life changing and it's definitely something of which I am very proud.”

Meena Rajput

Meena Rajput, MBA 2012
Management Consulting Manager
Toronto, ON

Prior to enrolling in the Queen’s MBA program, Meena was working in Sales and Strategy at Hyundai Canada. After completing the program she transitioned into Management Consulting with Accenture.

“I chose Queen's because it was hands down more collaborative, integrated and welcoming than any of the other schools I visited. In terms of value, the team-based approach was priceless. My Queen’s MBA experience was exactly what I wanted and more. Not only did I get educated at a top-tier business school, I had an amazing time doing it.”

Christina Waters

Christina Waters, MBA 2012
Senior Director, Customer Solution
GE Oil and Gas
San Francisco, CA

Prior to the Queen’s MBA program, Christina was a Nuclear Fuel Remediation engineer with Atomic Energy Canada. It was interesting work, but not a career path about which she felt passionate. After graduation, she was accepted into GE Canada’s Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP) in their Power & Water division.

“I would have never had this type of career opportunity had I not completed the Queen’s MBA. I feel that Queen’s helped transform my life in ways I did not think possible. The Queen’s experience was fantastic - definitely one of the best choices I have ever made.”

David Kennedy

David Kennedy, MBA 2011
RTS Senior Vice President
McKinsey & Company
Toronto, ON

Prior to joining the Queen’s MBA program, David was a corporate strategy consultant at RSA. Upon completion of the program, he was able to move from internal strategy to management consulting across a wide range of industries, as an Associate at McKinsey & Company.

“The Queen’s MBA was a great experience and it has helped me achieve, and even exceed, the goals that I had set for myself. The team-based approach creates a learning environment that is closer to the realities of work life. With the help of the Career Services team, I was able to transition into a career path that I am very excited about and, just as importantly, I have a core group of friends from my time at Queen's that are a big part of my life.”

Nora Kleinewillinghoefer

Nora Kleinewillinghoefer, MBA 2011
A.T. Kearney
Vancouver, BC

At the time she decided to enroll in the Queen’s MBA, program Nora was a Marketing Specialist for Grouse Mountain Resort in Vancouver. She knew that she wanted to make a career shift, and during the program decided on a career in Consulting. Upon graduation in May of 2011, she joined the management consulting firm A.T. Kearney as an Associate.

“I chose Queen’s because I wanted a school with an excellent reputation, high caliber students and strong team dynamic that fostered collaboration. The fast-paced twelve month experience was a whirlwind of activity which propelled me to new levels in my career and set me up for long term success.”

Roger Patterson

Roger Patterson, MBA 2010
Founder, Flock & Swarm Mobility Inc,.
Vancouver, BC

Before entering the Queen’s MBA program, Roger was running a data-mining software company that he had founded. Upon completion of the program in May 2010, he founded Flock & Swarm Mobility Inc., a geolocation-based smartphone gaming company that released its first product,, in 2012.

“I chose Queen’s for many reasons - its world-beating reputation, the networking opportunities, the team- based approach, and the one year format. However, it was their personal attention and amazing level of professionalism that ultimately won me over. Some of the less tangible influences have been the most potent: the confidence gained, finding an important advisor to my company through the Queen’s network, and the reputation and influence of Queen’s opening doors to new opportunities.”

Alan Fidler

Alan Fidler, MBA 2008
Senior Advisor, International Business Development
Enbridge International Inc.
Calgary, AB

Alan came into the Queen’s MBA program directly from his Engineering studies at Queen’s. Upon graduation, he joined Macquarie Group, a global provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services as an Analyst, and earned a promotion to Associate. Two years later, he made the move to Enbridge.

“The Queen’s MBA allowed me to move from engineering-focused opportunities to finance and business development- focused opportunities. It has provided me access to roles and experiences that would not have otherwise been accessible. I have moved into an international role, in part due to my experiences abroad during MBA exchanges in India and China.”

Suzanne Morel

Suzanne Morel, MBA 2008
Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO
New York, NY

Before coming to Queen’s, Suzanne was an international trade negotiator for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Suzanne took advantage of the international exchange opportunities and spent the final four months of the program at the University of Peking in Beijing, China. Upon graduation, she joined the CPP Investment Board.

“I would describe the experience as intense, exhilarating and accomplishment of which I am very proud. The Queen’s MBA enabled me to move into a new sector. I enjoyed the team-based approach because it allowed me to learn from teammates while contributing to their experience. The international exchange allowed me to spend time immersed in one of the world’s key economies while gaining a very unique perspective on Chinese culture.”

Claudia Soong

Claudia Soong, MBA 2008
RBC Capital Markets
Toronto, ON

When Claudia applied to the Queen’s MBA program, she was a Branch Manager at CIBC in Toronto. Her goal was to accelerate her career in the finance industry. Upon graduation, she joined RBC Capital Markets as an Associate in the generalist program in Toronto. She later moved to New York and joined the Corporate Banking team.

She has now relocated back to Toronto.

"I chose Queen’s because I wanted a program that would provide me with a competitive advantage. The Queen’s MBA enabled me to become a contender for a broader range of career opportunities. The experience was truly invaluable."

Kalyan Chakravarthy

Kalyan Chakravarthy, MBA 2007
Director of Information Technology
The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
Toronto, ON

Before joining the Queen's MBA program, Kalyan was working as an IT Project Manager for GE Aircraft Engines. Since graduating, he has worked at IBM in the Business Development area and the Toronto International Film Festival as Director of IT. He has recently joined The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario in the same role. In 2011, Kalyan was named IT Manager of the Year by Computer World.

“While deciding which MBA program to choose, I spoke to alumni from a number of schools. Queen’s alumni were very passionate about the program – something I didn’t find with other programs. As a whole, the experience was wonderful and has provided me with a personal network of peers who guide and help me through my professional career.”

Neerraja Ramjee

Neerraja Ramjee, MBA 2007
Global Knowledge Expert (Principal)
Boston Consulting Group
New York, NY

Prior to entering the Queen's MBA program, Neeraja was a software engineer in Bangalore, India. After graduation, she joined Sierra Systems Group as a Management Consultant. She subsequently held positions at Blackstone Partners and Ernst & Young. In 2015, she joined The Boston Consulting Group in New York City.

“I decided to pursue my Queen’s MBA in order to change my career track. It proved to be an enormous help in getting my foot in the door and navigating my way in management consulting. I loved the team experience. The international and multicultural environment was fantastic. I absolutely recommend this program.”

William Sutherland

William Sutherland, MBA 2007
Vice President
Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Ltd
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the Queen’s MBA program, William was an Engineering Specialist with Toyota, where he ran a sales and project engineering team. Upon graduation, he joined RBC Capital Markets as an Associate.

“I looked at several MBA programs, both in Canada and the United States, and Queen’s was the one that met all of my requirements. The tools and experience that I gained during the program enabled me to move from the engineering sector into the world of corporate finance. Queen’s challenged me to think differently, and achieve my full potential.”

Somen Mondal

Somen Mondal, MBA 2006
Entrepreneur and Co-Founder
N4 Systems
Toronto, ON

Having earned a Computer Engineering degree in 2002, Somen accepted a position writing customized software programs for clients of a Toronto consulting firm. There he met Shaun Ricci, with whom he founded N4 Systems. He quickly realized that in order to take their new venture to the next level he needed the knowledge, skills and network that an MBA would provide. The Smith's School of Business alumni network proved to be invaluable, enabling them to acquire private funding for the expansion of the company. N4 Systems continued to flourish and in 2013, it was sold to Master Lock for an undisclosed amount in the tens of millions.

“We had already started the business, but I knew that we didn't know enough about business to take it to the next level. An MBA would give me the solid business foundation that we would need to move forward. I also knew that a major benefit of doing an MBA was access to an alumni network that I could tap into. It was a major selling point for me, and one of the main reasons I chose Queen's.”

Jeff Blackburn

Jeff Blackburn, MBA 2005
Vice President and General Manager
Exco Technologies Limited
Toronto, ON

When Jeff decided to pursue his MBA, he was a Design Engineer at Exco Engineering, an operating unit of Exco Technologies Limited. Upon graduation, he secured a job in the consulting group at Deloitte where he worked for 6 years, rising to the position of Senior Manager. He recently returned to Exco as Vice President and General Manager.

"The Queen’s MBA opened doors that would have otherwise been closed to me. Without it, I would not have been able to get into the management consulting field and subsequently return to my former employer in a leadership role. The network the program provided has been a tremendous asset both professionally and personally."

David Marquis

David Marquis, MBA 2005
Head of Strategy & Operations, Broadcast and Entertainment
Mountain View, CA

When David applied to the Queen’s MBA program, he was working as an R&D engineer at Rolls-Royce in Montréal. After an exciting and intense year at Queen’s, he joined The Boston Consulting Group in Toronto. He then moved to Bell Canada as Director of Corporate Development & Strategy.

“From that first week in Goodes Hall, the learning experience at Queen’s was truly exceptional, and being a member of the Queen’s MBA class has been a highlight in my career. Overall, the program gave me the tools necessary to take control of my career and help me achieve my personal and professional goals.”