Graduate Success Stories

Pratik Agarwal

Pratik Agarwal, MBA’19
Equity Research Associate
Vancouver, BC

Before coming to Canada for his MBA, Pratik’s work experience was diverse with experiences in consulting, financial services, and entrepreneurship, including running a start-up that involved organizing the street food market in Mumbai. Upon graduation, he accepted a position working for Vancouver-based firm Canalyst as an Equity Research Associate.

“I chose the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because of their team-based approach, the world-class alumni quality, feedback from the previous students, and the small class size. The small class size has a very unique and often ignored advantage. Couple that with the team-based nature of the program, which helps you to get to know each member of the class, and you build a very strong network of professionals and friends at the end of the year.”

Sean Lemna

Sean Lemna, MBA'19
Pathways Operations Manager
Kenosha, WI

Prior to the MBA, Sean worked in intellectual property and was an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces Primary Reserve. Immediately following the MBA, Sean became a Senior Consultant with IBM Canada. He will soon leave this position for his new role as a Pathways Operations Manager with

“Coming from a military background, I appreciated the value of teamwork but hadn't had the opportunity to apply it extensively in a non-military setting. Smith’s MBA provided a perfect venue to operate in a dedicated team environment during high stress periods; a very valuable skill for the fast-paced environments of many post-MBA career paths. In addition, the shorter program span (1 year) minimized my time outside of the workforce.”

Ayshwarya Puthiya Veetil

Ayshwarya Puthiya Veetil, MBA'19
Customer Success Coach
Sensei Labs
Toronto, ON

Prior to the MBA, Ayshwarya worked in the technology sector as a web-developer with Cognizant Technology Solutions and as a Business Analyst with KPMG. Upon graduation, she joined Sensei Labs as a Customer Success Coach.

“What’s amazing about the program is how a culture of being empathetic and kind thrives alongside an environment that is fast-paced and challenging. Not only are you presented with opportunities to build professional capabilities and step out of your comfort zone, but also platforms and events to share and challenge ideas, collaborate, and have fun! The long-term relationships built with a diverse group of classmates and alumni speak to how close-knit the Smith family is.”

Pingfan Qian

Pingfan Qian, MBA'19
Wealth Management Generalist
RBC Royal Bank
Toronto, ON

Prior to the program, Pingfan participated in the GE Global Leadership program, which allowed her to rotate through various business units and corporate finance functions in the United States and China. Upon graduation, she has transitioned to a Wealth Management Generalist role at RBC.

“I chose the Full-time MBA experience due to its prestigious reputation in the Canadian market, the professional and the warm welcome that I received from the MBA office staff team during my application and admissions process. I was quite impressed with the unparalleled opportunities of engagement to be able to expand my professional network. During the program year, I enjoyed a dynamic mix of academic courses, and I used the full breadth of coaching services, such as Career, Team, Executive, and Fit to Lead life coach services. The team-based learning approach of utilizing the team’s collaborative power allowed me to practice every day to simulate the real workplace.”

Duncan Raymond

Duncan Raymond, MBA'19
Boston Consulting Group
Calgary, AB

Prior to the MBA, Duncan had been working in biomedical research. Upon graduation, he accepted a position in management consulting with Boston Consulting Group. 

“The program blew me away. From the administration, to the faculty, to my peers: everything was A+. It was the single best investment of my life, whichever way you want to measure. Learning new skills and knowledge which will lead to career opportunities I couldn’t have dreamed of, exploring the many different career paths and companies available, and making lifelong friends in the process; the returns are both measurable and plentiful.”

Daniel Wang

Daniel Wang, MBA'19
Senior Consultant
Toronto, ON

Prior to the MBA, Daniel held technical consultant roles building database software solutions for clients. Upon graduation, he became a Senior Consultant with Deloitte’s M&A Consulting team, working on large scale transformation projects for the world’s leading companies.

“I chose Smith’s MBA because of the friendliness and approachability shown by faculty and alumni. When I was applying for the program, the Associate Director introduced me to two current students who were very friendly and willing to help me decide whether Smith was the right program. The entire experience made me feel valued, and having concluded that Smith would help me in my aspirations to land a position in management consulting, I chose Smith.”

Michael Brown

Michael Brown, MBA '18
LDP Associate (Enterprise), Global Investment Banking, Communication, Media & Technology
RBC Capital Markets
Toronto, ON

Before completing his MBA, Michael was an Environmental Engineer with Soil-Mat Engineers and Consultants Ltd. in Hamilton, Ontario.  Upon graduation, he joined RBC as an Associate in their Leadership Development Program (Enterprise), based in Toronto. 

"One of the most crucial ingredients in my development as a professional was my participation in the Queens University Alternative Asset Fund (QUAAF) during my MBA. As a student, the opportunity to manage and invest large sums of the school’s invested capital is quite unique, and instilled an appreciation for the importance of personal accountability. QUAAF was an amazing opportunity to learn about the markets in a real-world setting and receive mentorship from some talented buy-side professionals. My first 2AM phone call with QUAAF’s Beijing branch will always stand-out as one of the neatest experiences of my time with the fund."

Lisa Belbeck

Lisa Belbeck, MBA'18
Product Manager
Cineplex Digital Media
Toronto, ON

Prior to the program, Lisa was a Product Developer and Project Manager, Mechanical with Christie Digital Systems in Kitchener, Ontario.  Upon graduation, she joined RBC Capital Partners Innovation Investments Technology as an Associate in Toronto.

"Choosing the Full-time MBA program at Smith School of Business was the best choice I have made for my personal development and my career. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation specialization offered courses taught by some of the best professors I have ever had. These professors were supportive of my job search, introducing me to different leaders in the tech and venture capital industry. Any MBA program will teach you finance, accounting, and business strategy, but only one program fosters the importance of resilience, building lasting relationships, and teamwork."

Parthiban Nagarajah

Parthiban Nagarajah, MBA'18
Senior Associate, M&A Advisory
Deloitte Canada
Toronto, ON

Prior to the program, Parthiban was a Senior Manager of Financial Assurance with RBC Capital Markets in London, UK. Upon graduation, he joined Deloitte Canada as a Senior Associate within the M&A Advisory team.

"Coming from the UK, it was important for me to choose an MBA program with a robust global alumni network. Smith’s Full-time MBA has created opportunities for me in new sectors, and I have a fantastic international network of people I can reach out to – one that truly spans the globe. My classmates are people I want to work with because I know they can deliver excellence. The true value of the program will be realized in 10 years when we’ve all reached different heights in our careers – and I’m excited to see what types of opportunities and collaborations will emerge."

Aditi Nayak

Aditi Nayak, MBA'18
Consultant, Human Capital
Deloitte Canada
Toronto, ON

Before earning her MBA from Smith, Aditi worked in aviation services for the Nayak Group in New Delhi, India.  Since graduating, she has pivoted to Human Capital Consultancy with Deloitte Canada. 

"I determined that the MBA program was a good fit for me based on the culture of teamwork, the strong curriculum for a one-year program, and the tight-knit class size. My time at Smith has broadened my horizon (thanks to the critical in-class discussions and collaboration among students with varied perspectives). I feel confident in taking what I have learned, and utilizing those tools and resources in the corporate world."

Josh Tovey

Josh Tovey, MBA'18
Pathways Operation Manager
Lexington, KY

Before joining the Full-time MBA program, Josh was a Service Engineer with Tigercat Inc. in Brantford, Ontario.  Upon graduation, he joined Amazon as a Pathways Operation Manager.  He is based in Lexington, Kentucky.

"Smith School of Business’ MBA program was a life changing experience from start to finish. The diversity of the people was incredible, providing not only diversity of thought, but of life experiences. With such a close-knit class, these learning experiences are sure to be lifelong. The MBA jump started my career on an exciting new path with a disruptive growth-focused company. As someone who was unsure what to expect, I have been truly overwhelmed by the opportunities for personal and professional growth."

Lina Yang

Lina Yang, MBA'18
Investment Banking Associate
Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets
Toronto, ON

Prior to the program, Lina was the Control and Instrumentation Engineering Team Lead and Construction Site Supervisor with Eastern Power Limited in Toronto, Ontario.  Upon graduation, she joined Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets as an Investment Banking Associate, also in Toronto.

"Smith’s team-based approach and small class size enabled me to build strong relationships with classmates. I learned something new from teammates every day and we helped each other to become our best selves. The skills I gained from the team experience allowed me to interact and work effectively with a diverse group of people. These skills ultimately helped me transition from engineering to investment banking. I would definitely recommend the program."

Vir Advani

Vir Advani, MBA'17
Vice President, Portfolio Management
RBC Capital Markets
Toronto, ON

Prior to Smith, Vir worked as a civil engineer at a mid-sized firm in Ottawa. Upon graduation, Vir entered the Enterprise Leadership Development Program at RBC Royal Bank, and is now the Vice President of Portfolio Management.

“I chose Smith because the staff that I met during my campus tour were genuinely interested in how they could help me succeed. Couple that with the small class size and the world class reputation of the school, it was an easy decision. The program is challenging, but it will be the best decision you ever make.”

Jason Banducci

Jason Banducci, MBA'17
Associate, Investment Banking
GMP Securities
Toronto, ON

Prior to the MBA, Jason worked for TD Bank as an analyst within the mid-market diversified commercial lending group. Upon graduation, he joined GMP Securities as an associate within their investment banking (global mining) group.

"Among the one-year programs around the world, Smith’s MBA stood out for its reputation, small class size, team-based approach, and strong alumni network. In addition, I was drawn to its student clubs, such as QUAAF, which allowed me to gain real-world experience in financial markets and mentorship while completing my degree. I was also keen on exploring international exchange options. Smith School of Business has amazing partner schools, including the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, where I spent my final four months of the program on exchange."

Ryan Bottum

Ryan Bottum, MBA'17
Senior Manager, Banking and Payments
RBC Royal Bank
Toronto, ON

Prior to the MBA, Ryan spent time working for a sports agency before taking a position with the National Hockey League as a Hockey Operations Coordinator. After the MBA, he went into the RBC Leadership Development Program, where he is able to continue to develop his skills with a focus on becoming a leader within the organization.

“Smith offers incredible support for all aspects of your life, from career to personal matters. It truly is like a small family and if you are looking for a program that mimics the working environment of the corporate world with personalized coaching along the way, this is the program for you. With the professors and courses being among the top for MBA programs in Canada, it is the little things like small class size and a team-based learning approach that helps Smith differentiate itself.”

Brittany Clouston

Brittany Clouston, MBA'17
Manager, Corporate Real Estate Strategy
TD Bank
Toronto, ON

Prior to the MBA, Brittany worked in environmental consulting for upstream oil and gas companies. After graduation, she secured a role in a Management Rotational Program at TD Bank. This rotational program has allowed her to select 4 rotations in areas of interest to increase her financial acumen while continuing to build her leadership capabilities. 

“Smith has a long list of renowned professors and teaching staff, the resources dedicated to helping students succeed, as well as small class sizes to enhance your academic experience. The staff is dedicated to providing an unparalleled educational experience, and assist students in obtaining the tools/skills necessary to fulfill their career aspirations. It is not surprising that many Queen’s undergraduate students return to Smith for their MBA, it truly is an experience and learning environment unlike any other.”

Evan Hall

Evan Hall, MBA'17
CEO and Co-founder
Wittaya Aqua
Toronto, ON

Before the program, Evan was a biologist for the Government of Ontario. He is now the CEO and Co-founder of Wittaya Aqua, a tech start-up developing and delivering software and data solutions to the aquaculture (fish farming) industry.

"When I was applying to MBA programs, the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business stood out because of the program’s reputation, their team-based approach to learning, and the opportunity to create an extremely valuable network. I did my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University and one of the things I enjoyed most about my time there was the sense of community at the school and the friendships and network I made while there."

Lauren (Campbell) Harmanmaa

Lauren (Campbell) Harmanmaa, MBA'17
Head of East Division
Willows Agriservices
Ottawa, ON

Prior to the MBA, Lauren worked as a speech-language pathologist in Public Health. Following the MBA, she landed a position with the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement as a Project Manager/Consultant. Shortly after, she was offered an opportunity to invest in a growing business and manage a new location in the agricultural sector at Willows Agriservices.

"I knew the quality of education I would get at Smith School of Business would be top notch but it was the feeling of family and community that I felt when I first visited the campus that put Smith at the top of my list. During my visit, I spoke with admin, career coaching staff, and current students alike. Everyone was welcoming and helpful. Current students took time during their break to approach me to see if I had any questions which highlighted for me just how much the program promotes collaboration. I was also able to witness first hand the camaraderie between staff and students. I knew that by joining Smith, I would leave with a tool box of knowledge and skills to help me in my career as well as an unforgettable experience."

Mike Huskilson

Mike Huskilson, MBA'17
Associate, Financial Sponsors Group, Investment Banking
TD Bank
Toronto, ON

Prior to the MBA, with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Mike was the Deputy QC Manager for Saipem Construction Canada. After graduation, he became an associate in Investment Banking for TD Bank, where he focuses heavily on financial analysis and providing ideas and solutions to clients.

“Smith was an obvious choice. When searching for a school to do my MBA, I looked at the rankings of top business schools in Canada and whose brand was at the top of Canadians' minds. The second thing I looked for was timing; the 12-month term allowed me to get into my chosen field as soon as possible, so as to not be out of the workforce for longer than necessary. If you want a higher quality MBA experience, with a better understanding of what it is to be a successful leader from professionals and professors who have lived it, go to Smith.”

Altair Ioffe

Altair Ioffe, MBA'17
Founder & CEO
Ioffe Biotechnologies Inc.
Kingston, ON

Prior to the MBA, Altair was in the beginning stages of becoming an entrepreneur. Upon graduation, he launched his flagship product, Indezone Energy - a nootropic (cognitive enhancer), with the approved health claim, "Helps to Enhance Cognitive Performance". 

“Smith School of Business and Queen’s University have strong reputations, powerful alumni networks, great instructors, and the MBA takes just one year to complete. The MBA program helped me develop as an entrepreneur with stronger technical skills in business and management. I'm still a founder, but a more effective one than before.”

Archana Kumar

Archana Kumar, MBA'17
Technology Delivery Lead, Retail and Commercial Lending
Equitable Bank
Toronto, ON

Before the program, Archana was a management consultant with a lean six-sigma black belt focused on business process improvement and operational efficiencies across diverse industries. After graduation, she accepted a position at Deloitte as a Senior Consultant for the Digital Integration sector. She is currently The Technology Deliver Lead for Retail and Commercial Lending at Equitable Bank.

"The program offers a team-based approach that mimics a corporate work environment and sets you up for success. The small class size and diverse backgrounds of classmates provides unique learning opportunities and perspectives on business and worldviews. Top class lecturers, MBA staff and the Career Advancement Center help make Smith’s MBA a truly transformative experience."

James Laing

James Laing, MBA'17
Deloitte Human Capital
Toronto, ON

Before joining the MBA, James was the Manager of Research with a major Canadian human capital firm. Following the MBA, he was hired at Deloitte into the HC consulting practice.

"To me the intangibles at Smith not only lined up best with my personality and values, but also with what I wanted to get out of the MBA. From a cultural standpoint, everything that is done is structured in a way that allows you to focus on what matters - getting the most out of your MBA experience. The staff goes above and beyond and treats you like an individual; for example, I was followed up with after I got my offer and got a congratulatory call once I accepted. The other piece was the team focus; for me an MBA represented an opportunity to develop a skill set that would set me up for long term success, not an opportunity to jump one ring in the career ladder. The structure of the program are much more reflective of real life and thus you learn important soft skills as a result."

Daniela (Herrera) Lockie

Daniela (Herrera) Lockie , MBA'17
Director of Marketing
Toronto, ON

Before the program, Daniela held entrance level positions in marketing and advertising. After the MBA, she continued working in marketing but was much more heavily invested in the business and company management, as the Director of Marketing for

“The reason I chose Smith had a lot to do with the recruiting team. I knew I was going to be spending a year away from home, studying and making meaningful connections. I chose the recruiting team that made me feel like they were going to be there throughout the entire process and help me with any question or situation. In a year tons of things can happen and I am so very grateful I chose the right team that was indeed able to help me through the most challenging situations and help me achieve success in every aspect of my life.”

Scott Miranda

Scott Miranda , MBA'17
Manager, Partner Success
Montreal, QC

Before the MBA, Scott had over 5 years experience in retail operations in the duty free industry. Following the MBA, he joined one of Canada’s fastest growing technology companies as the Manager of Partner Success for Plusgrade. 

“Smith’s MBA will help you achieve your career objectives, that is a given, but the program also fosters personal growth and self reflection with the team-based model. Remain open to all the career paths made available with Smith’s MBA. I began the MBA assuming Consulting was not for me. As a result, I did not participate in case workshops or take advantage of electives in the Consulting stream. Fast forward to my current role, while I do not work for a consulting firm, I am tasked everyday with developing solutions for clients and I enjoy it.”

Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh, MBA'17
Senior Manager, Strategy & Segments, Personal Banking
BMO Bank of Montreal
Toronto, ON

Prior to the MBA, Gurpreet held several roles in Retail Strategy and Consulting. After completing the program, he joined BMO Bank of Montreal’s Personal Banking sector as a Senior Manager.

"Smith School of Business offers a dynamic environment designed to mirror the corporate/business structure, where every student is equipped to face challenges and solve problems. As a graduate of Smith, you will stand out in the crowd of graduates from other schools – whether the comparison is on knowledge, skills, personality, or just pure attitude."

Divya Tulapurkar

Divya Tulapurkar , MBA'17
Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics
Toronto, ON

Before earning her MBA from Smith, Divya worked as a Performance Engineer for Cognizant Technology Solutions. Upon graduation, she joined Scotiabank as a Data Science Manager, responsible for building the Analytics practice for Small Business Banking. After a year, she was promoted and now leads teams of data scientists to develop advanced credit solutions from ideation to market deployment in an agile environment. Divya also completed a Master of Management Analytics at Smith.

"Every MBA program will teach you management concepts but very few will change you for the better. The Smith School of Business at Queen’s University is one of them. With a focus on quality over quantity in class and team-based learning approach – the MBA aims at developing the leaders of tomorrow. The program provided me with the necessary skill set to make a smooth transition from someone who built advanced technologies to a leader who manages them."

Malay Upadhyay

Malay Upadhyay , MBA'17
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
SalesChoice Inc.
Toronto, ON

Prior to the MBA, Malay undertook roles across multiple industries, including an engineer position at Accenture in India and a consulting role in F&B Retail in Dubai. After the MBA, he joined a start-up in the Artificial Intelligence sector, where he is now the CMO

“I chose Smith based on two factors. First was striking the best balance between a high brand value MBA and low investment of time and money. Second was a geographical change to a location with the best prospects for a long-term future career and life. The word 'balance' here is key, and Smith topped that list.”

Emily Vosburgh

Emily Vosburgh, MBA'17
National Merchandising Manager
Gordon Food Service
Milton, ON

Before earning her MBA from Smith, Emily was a Brand Manager for Tree of Life Canada, one of Canada’s largest specialty and natural food distributors. Upon completion, she joined Merck’s Accelerated Leadership Program and was shortly after offered a job working for North America’s largest family operated food service distributor, Gordon Food Services, as a National Merchandising Manager. 

“I highly recommend the program! Smith’s MBA offers a well-rounded program that focuses on more than academics. Through the classes, student clubs, Fit to Lead activities, Career Advancement Centre activities and more, Smith’s MBA gives you the opportunity to develop both the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in business. The faculty, administration, and alumni network are incredibly supportive, and your classmates all bring diverse experiences and perspectives that you will learn from. I took advantage of the international exchange opportunity Smith offers its MBA students and attended the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland for its ten-week International Study Program that focused on European business practices. Having an opportunity to study abroad with classmates from universities around the world really was the icing on the cake to the incredible experience I had.”

David Wattson

David Wattson, MBA'17
Senior Business Analyst, Digital Strategy & Performance
Western Union
Costa Rica

Prior to the MBA, David was working as a Quality Assurance Manager for a food company in Costa Rica. After the MBA, he secured a job with Western Union. This role allows him to interact with executives across the world and to be involved in key initiatives that impact the user experience and drive growth.

“Smith’s MBA caught my attention for its team-based approach, which teaches you how successfully handle relationships with people, the quality of professors who really are experts in their fields, and the staff and their relentless wish to make you feel like family during this challenging experience. It’s one of the best experiences you can get as a person and makes this MBA unforgettable.”

Melissa Alaimo

Melissa Alaimo, MBA'16
Senior HR Consultant, CIBC Square
Toronto, ON

Prior to the program, Melissa was Executive Team Leader of Human Resources, District Resource and Guest Experience, at Target Canada. Upon graduation, she joined CIBC as an Associate in its Human Resources Development Program, a program that accepts approximately two master’s graduates each year.

"The Full-time MBA program is unique – the team-based approach and the diversity within the class truly reflected the workplace environment. The small class size enabled me to build genuine relationships with all of my classmates, professors and program staff. The Career Program events were fantastic, enabling me to industry pivot from a career in retail to a career in banking. I would definitely recommend this program."

Jenna Archer

Jenna Archer, MBA'16
Digital Commercial Leader
GE Canada
Calgary, AB

Before she entered the program, Jenna was Corporate Development Leader for Keywest Projects Limited, a Calgary-based firm providing services and solutions for upstream and mid-stream oil and gas producers. After graduation, she joined GE Canada in their Accelerated Leadership Program.

"The Full-time MBA offers unique learning experiences that will broaden your perspective on culture, teams, innovation, and business in general. The program really enabled me to develop my leadership skills and to pivot my career as an engineer to a commercial leader through GE's Accelerated Leadership Program - a program developed to create executive talent."

Roxane Ducasse

Roxane Ducasse, MBA'16
D.A.R.E. Associate
Walmart Canada
Mississauga, ON

Prior to starting the program, Roxane was an Operations Performance Analyst for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, in Ottawa. Upon graduation, she entered the Accelerated Leadership Development Program at Walmart in Mississauga, Ontario.

“The Full-time MBA experience helped me further refine the type of leader I wanted to be. It also gave me the confidence and the tools to successfully pivot into a completely new career that would not have been available to me otherwise. My year at Smith was truly a life-changing experience where I not only gained a wealth of contacts through the alumni network, but also made lifelong friends.”

Margaret Hong

Margaret Hong, MBA'16
Associate, Strategy
Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets
Toronto, ON

Prior to starting the program, Margaret was a Senior Financial Analyst at DH Corporation in Toronto. Upon graduation she was hired by Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets as an Investment Banking Associate.

“The Full-time MBA opened up opportunities in Investment Banking for me and, without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without it. The team experience was amazing. It taught me how to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. The program alumni were very helpful in providing mentorship. Without hesitation I would recommend this program.”

Anubhav Khanna

Anubhav Khanna, MBA'16
Senior Product Manager
Seattle, WA

Prior to starting the program, Anubhav was a Software Automation Developer for BlackBerry in Ottawa, a position he had held for five years. Upon completing his Full-time MBA, he joined Amazon in Seattle.

“The program provided me to the tools and skills to transition from an execution role as a software developer, to a technology planning and design role as a product manager, keeping in mind the business needs. The team-based approach, taught me the vital elements of collaboration in a multi-cultural environment. The Full-time MBA will help you explore opportunities beyond those of traditional consulting and financial services.”

Rebecca Kirby

Rebecca Kirby, MBA'16
Director of Business Development
Capitalize for Kids
Toronto, ON

Rebecca entered the Full-time MBA program after completing the Master of International Business program at Smith School of Business. Upon graduation, she joined the Walt Disney Company as an Integration Consultant for their Revenue Management and Analytics division. She is currently the Director of Business Development for Capitalize for Kids.

“Queen's University is such a remarkable school and the Smith School of Business is one of its crown jewels. The MBA program gave me the confidence to approach any business problem with a solid foundation of knowledge. I especially enjoyed working in teams with a diverse and exceptionally high-achieving cohort, and the flexibility to customize the experience to my interests. I would absolutely recommend this program.”

Shashank Krishnamurthy

Shashank Krishnamurthy, MBA'16
Worldwide Data Science Competitive and Product Strategy
Toronto, ON

Prior to the program, Shashank was a Data Specialist with IBM in Bangalore, India. He was the first student to complete the MBA and Master of Management Analytics programs concurrently. Upon graduation, he was hired by IBM Canada as Senior Advisor in the Technical Sales practice for IBM Analytics. Following a year in that position, he moved into a new role with much broader scope and responsibilities.

“I had the unique opportunity to take on two Master’s programs at the same time and, for individuals aspiring to become the leaders of modern data-driven enterprises, I’m not aware of any programs in the world that can match the unique education, professional network and career opportunities provided by the MBA-MMA combination. Smith has played a huge role in making me who I am today and I’m very confident that this exceptional experience will continue to shape my life for decades to come.”

Mei Young

Mei Young, MBA'16
A.T. Kearney

Before she entered the program, Mei was an independent consultant in Vancouver. Upon graduation, she accepted the position of Associate at A.T. Kearney in Toronto. She has subsequently relocated to Singapore.

“For me, there were two significant highlights of the program – experiential learning (through the consulting projects and running the Queen’s Innovation Summit) and the structured team environment that taught me how to work effectively in a team. The Full-time MBA experience pushes you to achieve your full potential while recognizing your personal goals and vision.”

Sanket Angane

Sanket Angane, MBA'15
Senior Management Consultant
Toronto, ON

Prior to starting the program, Sanket was a Manager at Idea Cellular in Mumbai, India. Upon graduation, he accepted the role of Senior Management Consultant at KPMG in Toronto.

“The Full-time MBA program was a life changing experience. The fast paced environment and team-based structure allowed me to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and really broaden my perspective. The program was a launch-pad that enabled me to transition from Telecom to Consulting.”

Juan Baraya

Juan Baraya, MBA'15
Finance, Customer Team
Procter & Gamble
Toronto, ON

Before entering the program, Juan was a Sales Analyst for Red Bull in Bogota, Colombia. Upon graduation, he accepted the position of International Associate with Scotiabank in Toronto. He has subsequently moved to Procter & Gamble.

“Joining the MBA program at Smith was one of the best career decisions I have made. The skill set that I developed during the program has helped me to adapt to different roles, teams, markets and industries. The team-based approach truly simulates the workplace and provides a safe environment to develop leadership skills and learn from people with completely different backgrounds.”

Dean Buksak

Dean Buksak, MBA'15
Senior Commercial Account Manager
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the program, Dean was Purchasing Officer for CancerCare Manitoba. Upon graduation he joined RBC as an Associate in their Graduate Leadership Program.

“From the moment the program started, I was amazed how Smith was able to identify my personal objectives and tailor a learning experience to enable me to meet them. The program definitely helped change my life for the better. It not only gave me the confidence and the education to hit the “reset” button on my career, but enter a new career at a high trajectory.”

Kim Fulton

Kim Fulton, MBA'15
A.T. Kearney
Toronto, ON

Before starting the program Kim was a Marketing Coordinator at Stuart Olson Inc., a large construction management company based in southern Alberta. Upon graduation, she joined management consulting firm A.T. Kearney as an Associate.

“There are a lot of MBA programs that provide a quality business education, but very few rival Smith's team-based approach, personalized coaching, and tight-knit culture. I really felt I was learning something new every day – in terms of business acumen, leadership skills and self-discovery. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking for a transformative MBA experience.”

Isha Pall

Isha Pall, MBA'15
Marketing Manager
Precima (a Loyalty One Company)
Toronto, ON

Prior to starting the program, Isha was an Account Project Manager at Informco Inc. After graduation, she accepted the position of Marketing Manager at Precima, a Loyalty One Company.

“The Full-time MBA forced me to get outside my comfort zone and really challenge myself. I found that the team approach used in the program not only promoted collaboration, but also a great deal of personal growth. The Smith experience is like no other and, without a doubt, I would highly recommend this program.”

Miguel Quintana

Miguel Quintana, MBA'15
Category Business Manager, Beverages
Kraft Heinz Company
Toronto, ON

Before he entered the program, Miguel was a Brand Manager at Alicorp, a leading Peruvian consumer packaged goods company, located in Lima, Peru. Upon graduation, he joined Kraft Heinz Canada as a Marketing Manager.

“The Full-time MBA pushed me away from my comfort zone and really helped me develop my team and leadership skills. My classmates were all exceptional people and the program staff and faculty were there to help every step of the way. The Full-time MBA credential is priceless, and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to expand their career.”

Santiago Quintanilla

Santiago Quintanilla, MBA'15
Managing Partner and Co-Founder, E Capital
Co-founder, ZwipeNet
Mexico City, Mexico

Prior to entering the program, Santiago was a Senior Analyst with the Abraaj Group, a global private equity institution investing in select high-growth markets around the world. As well, he was an entrepreneur who had co-founded two startups – E Capital (an early stage Venture Capital firm that invests in small companies focused primarily on innovation, technology, microfinance and innovative financial products) and Q Holdings (a real estate investment firm). Since graduation, he has focused his attention these businesses.

“The team-based approach, flexibility, exchange opportunities, student diversity and small class setting make the Full-time MBA an exceptional experience. It helped me to broaden my perspective, enhance my leadership skills, and provided a large international network. I have recommended this program to several colleagues and will continue to do so.”

Rob Saunders

Rob Saunders, P.Eng, MBA'15
Monitor Deloitte
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the Full-time MBA program, Rob practiced electrical engineering at a prominent engineering firm in the Toronto area. Upon graduation, he made a significant career change and joined Monitor Deloitte as a Senior Consultant.

“The Full-time MBA opened doors, which thanks to the rigors of the program I was able to enter. It is a fast-paced program, rich in personal development and will give you a new appreciation for how much can change in twelve months.”

Kezia Burke

Kezia Burke, MBA'14
Director, Energy, Corporate Banking
CIBC Capital Markets
Toronto, ON

Prior to starting the program Kezia was a Territory Manager for the Princeton Review. Upon graduation she was hired into the Graduates Matter Rotational Program at CIBC. She is now an Associate for CIBC Capital Markets.

“I chose Smith over all of the other schools I looked at. I already knew it was a great school, but when I came for a visit for a day and spent time with the students in the program they made it sound like a great learning environment...and they were right.”

David Carnegie

David Carnegie, MBA'14
Partner/Senior Engineer
Malroz Engineering Inc.
Kingston, ON

Prior to the Full-time MBA program, David was a Project Engineer (Environmental Consultant) at Malroz Engineering Inc. in Kingston, ON. Upon completing the program he returned to Malroz as a Senior Consultant and was subsequently made Partner.

“One of the things I really enjoyed about the program was that it allowed me to customize my learning so that I was building in the areas I really needed to take my career to the next level.”

Agustina Gargantini

Agustina Gargantini, MBA'14
Senior Manager, International Corporate Commercial Banking
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the program, Agustina was Business Analyst - Latin America for National Oilwell Varco in Argentina. After completing the program, she joined Scotiabank as an International Associate.

“I’m from Argentina and I found the job search process very different here in Canada. With the help of my Career Coach, I was able to land my dream job just six months into the program.”

Tae Moon

Tae Moon, MBA'14
Senior Manager, Digital Banking - Artificial Intelligence/ChatBot
Toronto, ON

Prior to starting the Full-time MBA, Tae was Product Development Manager and Marketing Specialist at a mechanical engineering firm in San Jose. Upon completing the program, he was hired into the Graduate Leadership Program at TD, where is now an Associate.

“I’m from California and I was looking for an international school that would really meet my expectations. When I looked into Canadian schools, Smith School of Business really stood out for me. It had the quality I was looking for and the team-based approach was a real plus.”

Disha Popli

Disha Popli, MBA'14
Associate, Asset Based Lending
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the program, Disha was an Assistant Manager with Federal Bank in India. Upon completing the program, she joined TD as an Associate in Calgary. She subsequently relocated to Toronto where she joined CIBC.

“I found that the Full-time MBA offered a multitude of resources such as executive coaching and team coaching. This is a school that is focused on the overall personal development of its students, and that’s exactly what I was looking for.”

Vinay Pushkarna

Vinay Pushkarna, MBA'14
Supervisor, Business Transformation
Plains Midstream Canada
Calgary, AB

Before entering the program, Vinay was a Process Engineer for an engineering firm in Singapore, specializing in oil and gas. After completing his Full-time MBA, he joined Deloitte as a Senior Consultant, Strategy & Operations in their Calgary office.

“I’m not aware of any other MBA program that offers the breadth of coaching available in the Full-time MBA program. These coaches are very experienced and provide tremendous service.”

Tamas Toth

Tamas Toth, MBA'14
Vice President, Reference Data Analyst
New York, NY

Before starting the program, Tamas was a Financial Modeling Consultant for Continental Bank of Canada. Upon completing the program, he returned to Continental Bank of Canada as Treasurer. He has since moved to New York and joined MSCI.

“For me, the highlight of the program was the Queen’s Alternative Asset Fund – student-run hedge fund. We were investing real money in alternative assets in Canada. I was able to make connections in the hedge fund industry that I never would have been able to make otherwise.”

James Austen

James Austen, MBA'13
Director, Investment Banking
Cormark Securities
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the Full-time MBA program, James was working in Branch Management at TD Canada Trust. When he graduated in 2013, James joined Dundee Capital Markets in Institutional Equity Sales.

“I chose Smith because of its great reputation and strong alumni network. The program was fast-paced and intensive and gave me the skills I needed to rebrand myself and change careers. I enjoyed the small class size and team-based approach.”

Colin Brown

Colin Brown, JD, MBA'13
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP
Toronto, ON

Colin entered the combined Juris Doctorate/ MBA program at Smith following his undergraduate degree at Western University. Upon completing the combined program in 2014, he joined the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP where he is currently an Associate, practicing New York law in Canada – a unique experience afforded to only a small group of Canadians.

“Queen's strong reputation, coupled with its collegial culture, made the program an easy choice for me. Smith alumni graduate with lessons and friendships that stay with them for the rest of their lives. I strongly recommend Smith’s JD/MBA program to anyone aspiring for a career in corporate/business law.”

Jamie Flegg

Jamie Flegg, MBA'13
Vice President, Investment Management
Waterton Global Resources Management Inc.
Toronto, ON

Prior to joining the Full-time MBA program, Jamie had been pursuing a career as a full-time singer/songwriter and was looking to transition to the corporate arena. During the Specialization module of the program, he was able to arrange a short-term capital markets internship at National Bank Financial, which he then leveraged into a full-time position in investment banking.

"The Full-time MBA program provided me with an invaluable platform to successfully navigate a significant career transition. In addition, the network that I built during the program has been tremendously helpful to my career. The program provided opportunities for me that would have not been available otherwise.”

Emily Boudreau

Emily Boudreau, MBA'12
Senior Manager
Deloitte Canada
Ottawa, ON

Before she entered the Full-time MBA program, Emily was a program manager with the former National Aboriginal Health Organization. Upon completion of the program, she made a career shift from the non-profit arena, to the private sector, as a Senior Consultant in the Human Capital practice at Deloitte.

“I found support everywhere I turned throughout the program. The Full-time MBA allowed me to hone my interpersonal skills and develop greater knowledge in my areas of interest. My Smith experience was transformational. It provided me with a new found confidence, a sense of purpose and direction for my career and a network of life-long friends.”

Drew Cormier

Drew Cormier, MBA'12
Search Strategist
Mountain View, CA

Drew came into the Full-time MBA program directly from his undergraduate program in Computer Engineering. Upon graduation, he was hired by Google - a company he describes as “the best company in the world to work for” – as a Product Quality Analyst.

“I would not have landed the job at Google without my Full-time MBA, and I believe it will increase my likelihood of being promoted in the future. I would describe the program as amazing and transformative. Participating in the Tricolour Venture Fund allowed me to meet people within Canada’s new venture world that I’m still connected to today.”

Amanda Goodwin

Amanda Goodwin, MBA'12
Vice President, Partner Enablement
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Boston, MA

Before she started the Full-time MBA program, Amanda was a Hospital Pharmacist at a large teaching hospital in Calgary. Upon graduation, she elected to change careers and accepted the position of Product Manager with Manulife Financial. She is now Director, Strategic Planning at John Hancock in Boston.

“I chose Smith because I knew this would not only give me the best possible education and learning opportunities, but also the best possible job prospects coming out of the program. For me, the program was literally life-changing. I could not have made this career change without the Full-time MBA from Smith."

Shannon Kot

Shannon Kot, MBA'12
Senior Manager
Ottawa, ON

Before enrolling in the Full-time MBA program, Shannon was a Senior Consultant at Deloitte. With an undergraduate degree in mathematics, she wanted a broader business education. Upon completing the program, she returned to Deloitte and has taken on increased leadership and management roles.

“My Full-time MBA experience helped me to refine my management and leadership style, and changed the way I work with people. The program has provided a valuable network of future leaders through my classmates, professors and alumni. As well, the Forté Foundation connections inspired me and greatly broadened my network.”

Parisa Naghibi

Parisa Naghibi, MBA'12
HSBC Bank Canada
Toronto, ON

Before entering the Full-time MBA program, Parisa worked in retail banking as a Personal Banker at CIBC. When she completed the program, she joined Raymond James Limited as an Equity Research Associate. She subsequently joined HSBC Bank Canada as an Analyst in the Debt Finance Origination.

“The Smith program stood out to me because of its personalized approach, quality of professors and access to a fantastic alumni network. One of the hi-lights of the program was my involvement in the Queen’s Alternative Assets Fund which contributed significantly to my being able to make the career change I have made. Personally, I would describe the Full-time MBA as life changing and it's definitely something of which I am very proud.”

Meena Rajput

Meena Rajput, MBA'12
Management Consulting Manager
Toronto, ON

Prior to enrolling in the Full-time MBA program, Meena was working in Sales and Strategy at Hyundai Canada. After completing the program she transitioned into Management Consulting with Accenture.

“I chose Smith because it was hands down more collaborative, integrated and welcoming than any of the other schools I visited. In terms of value, the team-based approach was priceless. My MBA experience at Smith was exactly what I wanted and more. Not only did I get educated at a top-tier business school, I had an amazing time doing it.”

Christina Waters

Christina Waters, MBA'12
Head of Innovation Development Relationships
GE Healthcare Partners
San Francisco, CA

Prior to the Full-time MBA program, Christina was a Nuclear Fuel Remediation engineer with Atomic Energy Canada. It was interesting work, but not a career path about which she felt passionate. After graduation, she was accepted into GE Canada’s Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP) in their Power & Water division.

“I would have never had this type of career opportunity had I not completed the Full-time MBA. I feel that Smith helped transform my life in ways I did not think possible. The Smith experience was fantastic - definitely one of the best choices I have ever made.”

David Kennedy

David Kennedy, MBA'11
RTS Senior Vice President
McKinsey & Company
Toronto, ON

Prior to joining the Full-time MBA program, David was a corporate strategy consultant at RSA. Upon completion of the program, he was able to move from internal strategy to management consulting across a wide range of industries, as an Associate at McKinsey & Company.

“The Full-time MBA was a great experience and it has helped me achieve, and even exceed, the goals that I had set for myself. The team-based approach creates a learning environment that is closer to the realities of work life. With the help of the Career Services team, I was able to transition into a career path that I am very excited about and, just as importantly, I have a core group of friends from my time at Smith that are a big part of my life.”

Nora Kleinewillinghoefer

Nora Kleinewillinghoefer, MBA'11
A.T. Kearney
Vancouver, BC

At the time she decided to enroll in the Full-time MBA, program Nora was a Marketing Specialist for Grouse Mountain Resort in Vancouver. She knew that she wanted to make a career shift, and during the program decided on a career in Consulting. Upon graduation in May of 2011, she joined the management consulting firm A.T. Kearney as an Associate.

“I chose Smith because I wanted a school with an excellent reputation, high caliber students and strong team dynamic that fostered collaboration. The fast-paced twelve month experience was a whirlwind of activity which propelled me to new levels in my career and set me up for long term success.”

Roger Patterson

Roger Patterson, MBA'10
Founder/Director, Launch Academy
Vancouver, BC

Before entering the Full-time MBA program, Roger was running a data-mining software company that he had founded. Upon completion of the program in May 2010, he founded Flock & Swarm Mobility Inc., a geolocation-based smartphone gaming company that released its first product,, in 2012.

“I chose Smith for many reasons - its world-beating reputation, the networking opportunities, the team- based approach, and the one year format. However, it was their personal attention and amazing level of professionalism that ultimately won me over. Some of the less tangible influences have been the most potent: the confidence gained, finding an important advisor to my company through the Smith network, and the reputation and influence of Queen’s opening doors to new opportunities.”

Alan Fidler

Alan Fidler, MBA'08
Power & Infrastructure
CIBC Capital Markets
Calgary, AB

Alan came into the Full-time MBA program directly from his Engineering studies at Queen's University. Upon graduation, he joined Macquarie Group, a global provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services as an Analyst, and earned a promotion to Associate. Two years later, he made the move to Enbridge.

“The Full-time MBA allowed me to move from engineering-focused opportunities to finance and business development- focused opportunities. It has provided me access to roles and experiences that would not have otherwise been accessible. I have moved into an international role, in part due to my experiences abroad during MBA exchanges in India and China.”

Suzanne Morel

Suzanne Morel, MBA'08
Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO
New York, NY

Before coming to Smith, Suzanne was an international trade negotiator for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Suzanne took advantage of the international exchange opportunities and spent the final four months of the program at the University of Peking in Beijing, China. Upon graduation, she joined the CPP Investment Board.

“I would describe the experience as intense, exhilarating and accomplishment of which I am very proud. The Full-time MBA enabled me to move into a new sector. I enjoyed the team-based approach because it allowed me to learn from teammates while contributing to their experience. The international exchange allowed me to spend time immersed in one of the world’s key economies while gaining a very unique perspective on Chinese culture.”

Claudia Soong

Claudia Soong, MBA'08
RBC Capital Markets
Toronto, ON

When Claudia applied to the Full-time MBA program, she was a Branch Manager at CIBC in Toronto. Her goal was to accelerate her career in the finance industry. Upon graduation, she joined RBC Capital Markets as an Associate in the generalist program in Toronto. She later moved to New York and joined the Corporate Banking team.

She has now relocated back to Toronto.

"I chose Smith because I wanted a program that would provide me with a competitive advantage. The Full-time MBA enabled me to become a contender for a broader range of career opportunities. The experience was truly invaluable."

Kalyan Chakravarthy

Kalyan Chakravarthy, MBA'07
Director of Information Technology
The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
Toronto, ON

Before joining the Full-time MBA program, Kalyan was working as an IT Project Manager for GE Aircraft Engines. Since graduating, he has worked at IBM in the Business Development area and the Toronto International Film Festival as Director of IT. He has recently joined The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario in the same role. In 2011, Kalyan was named IT Manager of the Year by Computer World.

“While deciding which MBA program to choose, I spoke to alumni from a number of schools. Smith alumni were very passionate about the program – something I didn’t find with other programs. As a whole, the experience was wonderful and has provided me with a personal network of peers who guide and help me through my professional career.”

Neerraja Ramjee

Neerraja Ramjee, MBA'07
Global Knowledge Expert (Principal)
Boston Consulting Group
New York, NY

Prior to entering the Full-time MBA program, Neeraja was a software engineer in Bangalore, India. After graduation, she joined Sierra Systems Group as a Management Consultant. She subsequently held positions at Blackstone Partners and Ernst & Young. In 2015, she joined The Boston Consulting Group in New York City.

“I decided to pursue my MBA in order to change my career track. It proved to be an enormous help in getting my foot in the door and navigating my way in management consulting. I loved the team experience. The international and multicultural environment was fantastic. I absolutely recommend this program.”

William Sutherland

William Sutherland, MBA'07
Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited
Toronto, ON

Prior to entering the Full-time MBA program, William was an Engineering Specialist with Toyota, where he ran a sales and project engineering team. Upon graduation, he joined RBC Capital Markets as an Associate.

“I looked at several MBA programs, both in Canada and the United States, and Smith School of Business was the one that met all of my requirements. The tools and experience that I gained during the program enabled me to move from the engineering sector into the world of corporate finance. Smith challenged me to think differently, and achieve my full potential.”

Somen Mondal

Somen Mondal, MBA'06
CEO & Co-Founder
Toronto, ON

Having earned a Computer Engineering degree in 2002, Somen accepted a position writing customized software programs for clients of a Toronto consulting firm. There he met Shaun Ricci, with whom he founded N4 Systems. He quickly realized that in order to take their new venture to the next level he needed the knowledge, skills and network that an MBA would provide. The Smith School of Business alumni network proved to be invaluable, enabling them to acquire private funding for the expansion of the company. N4 Systems continued to flourish and in 2013, it was sold to Master Lock for an undisclosed amount in the tens of millions.

“We had already started the business, but I knew that we didn't know enough about business to take it to the next level. An MBA would give me the solid business foundation that we would need to move forward. I also knew that a major benefit of doing an MBA was access to an alumni network that I could tap into. It was a major selling point for me, and one of the main reasons I chose Smith School of Business.”

Jeff Blackburn

Jeff Blackburn, MBA'05
Vice President and General Manager
Exco Technologies Limited
Toronto, ON

When Jeff decided to pursue his MBA, he was a Design Engineer at Exco Engineering, an operating unit of Exco Technologies Limited. Upon graduation, he secured a job in the consulting group at Deloitte where he worked for 6 years, rising to the position of Senior Manager. He recently returned to Exco as Vice President and General Manager.

"The Full-time MBA opened doors that would have otherwise been closed to me. Without it, I would not have been able to get into the management consulting field and subsequently return to my former employer in a leadership role. The network the program provided has been a tremendous asset both professionally and personally."

David Marquis

David Marquis, MBA'05
Head of GMS (SMB) Channel Sales for Canada
Toronto, ON

When David applied to the Full-time MBA program, he was working as an R&D engineer at Rolls-Royce in Montréal. After an exciting and intense year at Smith, he joined The Boston Consulting Group in Toronto. He then moved to Bell Canada as Director of Corporate Development & Strategy.

“From that first week in Goodes Hall, the learning experience at Smith was truly exceptional, and being a member of the Full-time MBA class has been a highlight in my career. Overall, the program gave me the tools necessary to take control of my career and help me achieve my personal and professional goals.”