Spencer Richardson

As Director of Student Affairs (Fit-to-Lead), my role involves planning and facilitating recreational activities for our MBA cohort. Some events that I have developed and implemented include curling, axe throwing, paintballing, and a canoe trip. I have had the opportunity to help enhance the MBA experience of our cohort, while also facilitating new cultural experiences for many of the students who are new to Canada. These physical activities give students a safe space to try new sports, get out of their comfort zone, and give the cohort a well-needed reminder to leave the classroom and take care of their mental health. As the MBA program continues to progress, I look forward to engaging my classmates in new experiences and building memories that will define their MBA experience beyond the classroom.

  • SEC position: Director of Student Affairs (Fit-to-Lead)
  • Hometown: Vancouver, BC
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Manufacturing/Operations
  • Career Focus: Education/Sport & Entertainment
  • Email: spencer.richardson@queensu.ca