Raj Patel

My role of VP is to serve as an ambassador of the Smith FTMBA program and be the part of the Queen’s community and lead the change with vision and mission with the president, Student Executive Council Members (SEC) members, and the class as whole. I see the class coming back to the campus learning style as an opportunity to create memorable and unique experiences for our cohort. We had 2 pillars which we want to focus on for this year, they are engagement and encouragement which will allow is to create a legacy for coming cohorts in this program.

The VP role has challenged me to grow to be a better leader and as an individual while being surrounded by highly qualified professional peers. Being VP has provided me with an opportunity to be an allyship to my cohort and pushing myself to go above and beyond the expectations. To have a voice and be able to genuinely connect with folks to know where they come from and address and accommodate any sort of concerns, issues or barriers and bring solution to it. For being a leader of tomorrow I believe the change starts now and we all feel the responsibility to collectively work on it. This role has allowed me to be more humble, kind leader, problem-solver, and a better human being.

  • SEC position: Vice President
  • Hometown: Surat
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Prior Industry: Retail Banking
  • Career Focus: Investment Banking
  • Email: raj.patel@queensu.ca