Jess Deluce

The Class of 2024 has the amazing opportunity to be the first Class in three years (knock on wood) to be on campus for the full program duration. As SEC Class President, it is my priority to not just lead this year for our class, but also for the previous cohorts who could not be here together, in-person fostering relationships and connections together.

Along with my VP, we sought election based on our two pillars: Enrichment and Encouragement.

Enrichment focuses on the academics and career advancement within our Program. As an SEC, we want to ensure all learning styles are represented and we come up with ways to support each other so no person is left behind and feels lost in course work. We want to work with alternative options like bringing alumni guest speakers, connecting subject matter experts, organizing workshops and monthly town halls where we can have open conversations about how you find the course learning and the experience within the classroom. Enrichment also surrounds our lives post-MBA and working closely with the CAC to  experience as much networking and panel opportunities for all to build those connections for career growth and knowing who our Class wants to meet with.

Encouragement focuses on the diversity, equity and inclusion of our Cohort. We want to celebrate the difference of people within our program, and encourage all to come to Room 312 with their most true authentic self. We are fortunate to have 14 different countries represent our Class, and hope to gain perspective on where we all come from and how we got to where we are today.

It’s not only about a year of experience but also a year of opportunity to challenge the odds and create a legacy for the coming MBA.

  • SEC position: President
  • Hometown: Komoka, Ontario
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Building Materials, Retail, Manufacturing
  • Career Focus: Consulting/Human Resources
  • Email: