Diksha Rajput

I am responsible for communicating and marketing all the smith-related events to the cohort. This position has given me an opportunity to build closer relations with my classmates. I truly enjoy being a part of a community and being a part of the SEC has given me a chance to work closely with the Smith Family (Admin and cohort). I opted for the marketing position as I have previously worked in a similar capacity for various communities in my workplace as well and found how much closer it got me to the internal structure and gave me a true sense of belonging. The SEC in itself is a close knit team and we make sure to always support and help out the members within the council as much as we can as well!

  • SEC position: Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Hometown: Mumbai
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Prior Industry: Recruitment Consulting & B2B Sales
  • Career Focus: Strategy/Consulting
  • Email: diksha.rajput@queensu.ca