AAllison Haggart

As Director of Health & Wellness, I oversee the integrity of health and wellness programming for the Full-time MBA program. I partner with students and the Smith School of Business administration to critically evaluate proposed initiatives, ensuring compliance with COVID-19 public health measures. I mediate between stakeholders and provide feedback that improves communication and transparency while minimizing uncertainty. Finally, I promote health and wellness checks among the Full-time MBA students and provide resources to help protect student’s physical and mental health. Holding the inaugural role of Director of Health & Wellness on the SEC has provided me with a platform to listen to the needs of students and offer action, direction, and support during an unusual year. For example, a new mental health strategy for the Full-time MBA program was launched this year; an initiative that was made possible through my partnering with the Smith School of Business administration and listening to the needs of our students. The ability to make a positive impact through this role and to see the actioned results of my leadership has bolstered my overall MBA experience.

  • SEC position: Director of Health & Wellness
  • Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Prior Industry: Healthcare
  • Career Focus: Healthcare Consulting
  • Email: allison.haggart@queensu.ca