AZahredin Treki

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I liked the program structure. Team-based learning allows you to learn more from individuals with different backgrounds and experiences and simulates what work is like in the real world. On top of that, the Smith program administration and recruitment and admissions staff were genuinely caring people. I thought to myself, if they care this much before I even apply, I know they will be even better when I am a student. No other school treated me like Smith did.

If I could give myself advice, I would take the first step and apply to the program. I was worried about not getting accepted, so I applied later in the recruitment cycle. If I had applied earlier, I would have enhanced my experience and had more time to look for an apartment and prepare for the eventual move to Kingston.

During the MBA, I want to develop better skills to aid my post-MBA career and build a network of amazing people. I never took advantage of that before, so this is a chance for me to do better. I also would love to host events that are both beneficial and fun!

After the MBA, I would love a career in sports marketing, which would harness my true passion. I want to be able to be passionate about my work and be able to express myself creatively.

  • Hometown: Windsor, Ontario
  • Country of Origin: Libya
  • Prior Industry: Technology
  • Career Focus: Marketing
AZahredin Treki

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