AVivek Raj

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

The prospective, current, and past students of Smith were very prompt and helpful in responding to the same message I sent out to the students at other schools (probably earlier than Smith). Being an individual with limited means but spirited dreams, I also appreciated the one-of-a-kind policy of zero application fees and rolling admissions at Smith. My experience with the applications team further reinforced the close-knit community I sought in my MBA experience.

Pursuing an MBA from a prestigious business school will bridge my gap in business fundamentals, finance and marketing and provide a global and diverse perspective through a strong network. After completing my MBA, my short-term goal is to pursue a career as a consultant in a top-tier management consulting firm. This role will provide accelerated and structured learning opportunities, exposure to dynamic environments and a flavour of multiple industries.

The blended teaching style at Smith perfectly provides a balanced learning experience, preparing me for my goal of working in consulting. The unique team-based pedagogy also acts as the launchpad that will catapult me to high-performing teams in the management consulting space and help me acquire the expertise to excel in collaborative work environments.

My advice to my past self would be to apply early to plan my visa and travel better. For new applicants, I’d recommend leveraging the opportunity to speak to the student ambassadors, alumni, and other incoming students from similar/different backgrounds.

  • Hometown: Ranchi
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Prior Industry: Oil & Gas; Consumer Products & Medical Devices
  • Career Focus: Management Consulting
AVivek Raj

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