ATabeth Hamandawana

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

I chose to pursue my MBA at Smith because, after working in a technical role as a Data Analyst for approximately four years, I recognized the need for a more comprehensive understanding of the business value chain. Smith's MBA program allowed me to achieve this and take that next step in my career.

The comprehensive coaching services particularly attracted me to the Smith MBA program. I valued the assurance of having a coach to support me in my career progression because this would help me reduce the mistakes I could make if I lacked guidance. In addition, the impressive post-MBA career placement statistics were a motivating factor for me.

Looking back, I would advise my past self to believe in my capabilities in the professional space and foster confidence, as I have discovered how much potential I have and the room for growth through this MBA journey. For prospective applicants, I recommend reflecting on your strengths and experiences before beginning the application process, presenting them effectively in your application and putting your best foot forward while paying attention to the guidance provided by your application advisor.

Post-MBA, my goal is to elevate my career in Business Analytics and transition into Risk Management or Consulting, marking a strategic step forward in my professional journey.

  • Hometown: Harare
  • Country of Origin: Zimbabwe
  • Prior Industry: Financial Services
  • Career Focus: Consulting
ATabeth Hamandawana

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