APaola Vazquez

I came to the Full-time MBA at Smith School of Business because ...

After ten years of professional career in multiple industries, I decided it was time to cultivate my expertise in developing effective communication strategies, sharpening my problem-solving skills and nurturing my leadership qualities. I know these are essential for creating initiatives that drive positive change, understanding the community needs and generating a strategic business vision that will benefit the community and a company’s goals.

I started looking for an MBA program, knowing that the modern professional environment is highly competitive. I looked for a program with the necessary components to learn in an academic and experiential learning environment based on teamwork and focused on guiding you in professional and personal growth. Smith had it all, combined with a recognized cohort with experience in multiple industries and the ability to generate a network that would be extremely important in my future. The complete area of coaching helps foster your brand, giving you the perfect tools and guidance. I would describe my experience throughout the process as “the most charismatic and personalized” I’ve had; I never felt alone, which encouraged me to continue until the end.

If I could advise myself from a year ago, I would tell myself not to be afraid to try new things, that if I fail, the important thing is to learn about what to do with failure and know that it is part of my personal and professional growth. Perhaps I will fall today, but tomorrow, I will get up twice as strong and keep going. Most importantly, not all calls are to give bad news; I still remember the call made to me from Smith about the admissions decision and my heart was beating rapidly, but when I heard the words “you were accepted,” I only remember tears rolling down my face and feeling that it was all worth it!

My advice to all those future MBA students is to believe in themselves, search deep in their hearts for their passion, create goals, find a reason that drives them to want to grow and improve, and then put all their devotion into achieving these goals.

  • Hometown: Pachuca hidalgo
  • Country of Origin: México
  • Prior Industry: Oil & Gas, Consulting & Pharmaceutical
  • Career Focus: Finance & Operations
APaola Vazquez

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